Graduate college, get a decent job with benefits, please parents. Simple right?

Have you ever felt like you were living to make your parents happy, even if it compromised who you really wanted to be? Do your parents express that they know “what’s best” for you and repeatedly beg you to play it safe instead of taking risks? *slowly raises hand*

Let’s face it. For the most part, our parents (or person who raised you) are huge assets to our lives. From birth they mold us and teach us their take on the world, hoping that we make them proud with the decisions we choose. But while their life plan for you may be something like staying home and being a teacher, that may not be what’s truly in your heart. It takes big guts to start walking in who you were meant to be, even if your parents don’t understand.

If you have been fighting a dilemma to go for a dream/goal but are afraid of what you parents might think, then I want to give you three ways to overcome fear and walk in courage:

Let Go the Need of Validation

Are you a “what do you think about this?” person? GOSH me too. I can’t even pick a slice of pizza without getting an opinion about it first (YELP is my bestie). We get so used to basing our decisions off what others think or want for us that we stop thinking for ourselves. Yes, our parents are there to guide and support us but they aren’t your one stop shop for decision making. Choose what feels good to you and what will make you want to dance like J.Lo each morning. Inner fulfillment beats a couple of brags to your mom’s book club any day so take the risks no matter what judgement you might receive.

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Stop Playing Safe

Stop living in the mindset that as long as your are surviving then you will be okay. You aren’t happy and you know it. You were made to have an abundance of joy each day so if this is not how you feel then you are playing it safe and into the fear of not knowing your outcome. A huge part of this may be the fear of letting your parents down if you go for what you love but they will be there for us regardless of their feelings. They may never understand why you chose to quit your job and write a book but when they see the benefits and how happy you are, they will accept it. And even if they don’t accept it, we only get one life to live so it would be tragic to spend the entire time living for someone else. Take your dreams seriously, people.

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Realize That God Has Placed a Purpose in You

Do you have something that you truly love and “wish” you could pursue? Just take a second to think about it because we all do…(I’ll wait). It’s the thing that makes you giddy when you talk about it. Absolutely terrified when you think about actually going through with it.  I believe that most of us already know what our purpose and passions are but we  get afraid to step out on faith because we don’t want to fail. We spend so much time trying to please our parents and others that we forget about pleasing God by living out who he has created us to be. He is ultimately our biggest supporter and will never let us fail. He also will not put those strong desires in your heart if it was just meant for you to sit on it. I love a quote by Sarah Jakes Roberts that says “What God has for you may look like pure confusion to the people around you.” They may not get it and you have to be okay with that. It’s time to please God by walking into who he already knows we can be and think about what He wants and not anyone else.

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I want you to know right here and right now that although you should consider your parents opinions about your life goals, that shouldn’t stop you from being who you want to be. We get so stuck in fear of letting our parents down that we stop going for the things that are in our hearts. Be you. Be true. And glow up your life.

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CHALLENGE: I want you to start dreaming again. Write 10 crazy, out-of-the-box goals that you would love to achieve on a piece of paper and read them each night until Sunday. Comment below and tell me one that you would like to work on right now.

You got this. #letsglow