We live in such a fake world. Fake bodies, fake television shows and even fake relationships (you know some of those IG relationships on the Shaderoom aren’t real). It seems as if there is an underlining rule that says we must compete with who has the most perfect life…which is nobody. (GASPS)

I’ll be the first to admit that I have fallen for this game. I’ve played small and not taken chances because I wanted to protect my own comfort and empty negative opinions about my life. Take this blog and my Glow Up challenge for example. I haven’t been keeping up with it and I surely haven’t been blogging and making videos like I said I would. I’ve hid my natural hair because I was told it wasn’t professional in the workplace. I’ve put up with toxic friendships, you name it. But last week something changed in me.

I was sitting in my living room before work and reading a devotional. This one in particular discussed staying true to your center and then it hit me…is that all it really takes to feel completely free? Just stay true to yourself? Just be real? It could NOT be that easy. Oh my friend but it is.

You see not staying true has allowed me to lie to myself and has kept me from fully reaching the level in which I know I can achieve. Think about it. How many people went with a certain job because it was what someone else wanted? How many people stayed in a relationship because they didn’t want to hurt the partner? How many of you are sitting here right now hating the job you are in but there because it pays well? This is the basis of not being true to you. YOU ARE SELLING YOURSELF SHORT. I know because so far I have too.

So what does being authentic look like?

It looks like waiting on a healthy relationship to come because you know you are worth it. It looks like following your passions because they truly make you happy. It means ignoring your fears and running toward your future. At the end of the day you know what you want in life. You could call it your gut feeling or even the Holy Spirit but if you follow that instead of what you “think” is right…you will win every time.

STOP lying to yourself. Stop saying oh I could never do that or get to this place. Stop using that as an excuse to not create the best life because if you aren’t living in your dreams it’s because somewhere down the road you didn’t stay true to you. For once in my life I realized that as long as I stay honest to who I really am then NOTHING will stop me from being a success and it for sure can’t stop you either. From now on I promise to be me and I need you to make that promise to yourself too.

Stay real. Stay true. DO YOU BOO.