So I’ve been trying to write the post for like an hour but Beyonce’ dropped that new Formation video and completely stole it from me. I’m so glad she did though because it seriously relates to this post that I had planned on writing anyway.

Last week, I was so overwhelmed because I just have all these goals and dreams and sometimes I feel like i’m not getting anywhere. Usually when these emotions happen I completely quit and kind of let life takeover. I begin to doubt my abilities and listen to those whispers in my head that i’m not good enough and that all that I dream to be will be just that…a dream.

Well this week I did some soul searching and with prayer, The Bible, good friends & family, and just alone time I realized that I needed to slow down and just live. Not survive but truly live. I’ve always heard that life is not a race but a marathon but before this week I was living like I was in a 200m dash.

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves when we are not where we want to be whether it’s in health, a career, love or even spiritually. Instead of focusing on taking one step at a time we worry and stress about getting to that finish line. I’m sure you have had that experience like me where you doubt yourself and just quit altogether. As I continue this journey of finding myself and dance all day to “Formation” by Bey I am realizing three things:

  1. Greatness Takes Time
    • When I study Beyonce’s journey and all that it took to get to where she is right now it truly amazes me. In the beginning she went through so much loss and defeat and criticism before she could morph into the confident superstar she is today. That goes for us too. Stop worrying about the end game and beating yourself up when you don’t get there right away. Those thoughts are just distractions. Just work everyday to compete with ONLY yourself, understanding that if you continue to focus on your dream little by little then it will snowball into something so much more than you could ever imagine.
  2.  Be Unapologetic About Who You Are
    • A reason that Beyonce’ is so amazing at her craft is because she does not play around when it comes to self worth. She is always willing to take risks and even fail because she knows that no one can do her purpose like she can. In “Formation” she talks about her big nose, afro hair, chile even hot sauce and had Blue Ivy running around free to be herself and she owns that even though other people may see it as a flaw. That’s the same approach we must take. We have to stop pretending to be people we are not or only showing the world a little of us for fear of ridicule. There is something inside of you that only YOU can bring to the world so accept your flaws and your weaknesses and own that ish.
  3. NEVER Stop
    • I know it’s hard, I know bills are due and I know it’s easier to just lay on the couch and watch Making a Murderer after a long day at work but i’m here to tell you that you are selling yourself short. If you want all that God has for you then you have to be willing to grind and put in the work. I’m so guilty of selling myself short because deep down I don’t truly believe my wildest dreams can happen. BUT THEY CAN THOUGH. Do yourself the biggest favor and work for what you want to get because you deserve it. You can do it.

While I continue to rock to this new Bey today I am so ready to continue the journey of self discovery and learning to be fully me even if that means looking stupid to others. I love being me even if that means that I put hot sauce on everything, support Black Lives Matters and have full lips. DO YOU BOO…and with that I will leave you with this

“I dream it, I work hard and I grind ’til I own it” –  Bey

With pure love,


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