So we all know that my cousin Steph Curry is a mutant. I mean just last night he shot a 70-ft basket like it was a game of beer pong. If anyone knows me they know that I love everything about Steph Curry and his family (and because we share the same last name I decided to claim him as my first cousin on my daddy’s side) but the #1 reason that he is basically the best in the league right now is…his ability to practice consistently.

Back when he was trying out for the league I’m sure NO ONE thought he would be dominating the game like he does now. I mean he was dubbed “too small and too slow” to be a star in the NBA. But throughout his career his ability to work just as hard in practice as he does during game has truly spoken to his success as a player. So what does this have to do with a non-athletic, sort of confused, post grad who is still trying to figure out life? The key to your dreams is in the practice.


You’re Practicing Right Now

Everyday is a chance to practice how you want your life to be. Do you fill up the day with mediocre effort at work, gossiping, stuffing your face with awful food or using up all your free time on social media and Scandal? I talked about this in my post about the “popcorn syndrome” but I feel like many people expect to reach their goals and dreams without actually working for it. I’m sooo guilty of being inconsistent but I’ve learned that what you do in your daily life right now will totally affect your future.

Be Obsessed With It

According to The Washington Post, Steph Curry religiously shoots about 2,000 baskets per week, averaging about 250 per day. Now he could easily say “well I’m the best in the league so let’s turn up” but he makes sure to always work on his craft with very few distractions throughout his day. You may be the most talented person in the world but if you aren’t constantly working on your passion, your resume and most importantly yourself, you will never get to where you need to be.

They Won’t Be With You Shooting In The Gym

I’ve really accepted that most people won’t understand you or where you are trying to go in life. When you are passionate about something, a lot of times envy from others stops them from rooting for you. No matter how tired or discouraged you get, promise yourself that you will be the last one standing. Convince yourself that you are tired of being average and ready to be the best because the longer and harder you work at it the more it will attract people who genuinely want the same as you.

steph dancing

I hope that whatever your dream or goal is, whatever that makes you so excited just thinking about it that you give it your all. You are worth more than an average life that is handed to you but we HAVE to work for it. “Practice is the alchemy that transfers effort into effortlessness.” -Stephen Curry