Let’s face it…as a whole our society is extremely lazy. For the most part, anything that we desire we can get with the touch of an app, a minute on the microwave or a quick click on that shopping site that will have our new Colourpop lipstick at our door in 3 days. We hate to admit it but we LOATHE effort. Not brush your hair so it looks decent effort but the ability to say that we are going to do something and stick to it no matter what.

This often comes up in our goals. We settle for mediocre relationships,bodies, jobs and ultimately dreams because the thought of actually waiting for more than a year is as painful as paying for shipping and handling (and I HATE paying for shipping and handling).

I’m going to admit that I have suffered a great deal of what I call the Popcorn Syndrome – settling for less or quitting because you rather have it quick and easy to look good to all the people that could give two craps about you. Think about it. People are in these streets buying Instagram followers. INSTAGRAM. To me that’s as desperate as you can get to wanting to be relevant.

Through many painful trial and errors I have learned that nothing worth fighting for is going to come easy. I have stopped and started my blog so many times. When was the last video I posted on my Youtube channel? Oh yea, that’s right in JANUARY. (Totally piss poor by the way). I really woke up and decided that if I want to live my best life I have to stop expecting a quick and easy road to get there. Here are some tips that may help you along the way:

    • Why do you even want to do this? Is it because you want people to like your Facebook status about your super cool job? Is it because you want a nice body to attract dudes/females or a chance to tell your friends about the celebrity you met? You really have to get honest about what is driving you. I found that the reason I was quitting so much is because I was using my blog for my own validation. I wasn’t truly doing it to help people, I was doing it to confirm that I was the ish…and you see what happened there.
    • So maybe you are past the “let me show my friends how amazing I am” phase. Maybe you are genuinely passionate about your dream situation but are getting impatient. From experience in the past and even now – you have to give it your best in this moment. I love the bible parable where master is talking to his servant and basically says “Well it’s about time. You actually appreciate the blessings I have given you and now  i’m ready to upgrade you like Beyonce.” (Matthew 25:23) If you work your hardest at that 9-5 job, that low paying gig, that business that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; when you stop and appreciate your life now instead of complaining then you automatically free space to accept bigger and better things into your life.
  3.  COMMIT
    • I know what you’re thinking, “she has some serious nerve to talk about committing when she has stopped so many projects.” YOU’RE RIGHT. I have two or three nerves to share because I’m tired of letting myself down. I’m tired of settling. Committing to your goal has to be the hardest thing but it’s necessary to get to where you want to be. You can try to take shortcuts but it will lead to destruction and unhappiness every single time.  Make the decision that you deserve the best life and that means it’s going to come with some commitment.

We have got to stop talking about the things we want to accomplish and BE about the things we want to accomplish. We have got to strive to build integrity, hard work and character before we are ready to advance to the next level. You can live an average life that is made up of false truths, hidden behind the carefully crafted poses of your Instagram page but I choose to strive for more than that. I want true success, true peace and true purpose.

We can do this.


Alaina Nicole