Have you ever been in such a hurry to eat that you try to shortcut the cooking process?

Meat is frozen, so you throw that mug in the microwave.

Pasta is taking too long so you turn up the heat to high.

You pace back and forth, check the food 50-leven times then finally decide that you’re gonna eat it whether it’s done or not because  you’re late again you have places to go.

Well this has been my life lately. A subpar, rushed, undercooked meal.

God has been dealing with me in so many ways but one huge one is my struggle with striving.

Striving is described as to exert oneself vigorously; try hard.

Basically, you’re doing too much to keep up with what you think happiness looks like. And that has been ALL me.

Stop striving

I began to envy literally everyone. I didn’t care if you were my old classmate or Oprah. Everybody was getting some envy from me.

Every time I saw a new Facebook announcement or watched an award speech, I felt that the window for “making it” got smaller.

And it threatened me.


We often become so consumed with getting to this imaginary success finish line that our growth and character is compromised.

Can you relate?

You take on too many projects because you’re “grinding.”

You waste time on dates you hate to combat the fear of being alone.

In an I want it now culture, we are suffering from the lie that more is better. That more money, more praise, more chances to prove people wrong will make us happy.

But this selfish ambition isn’t what God wants for us. Matter facts he desires the complete opposite:

“What does a man get for all the toil and anxious striving with which he labors under the sun? All his days his work is pain and grief; even at night his mind does not rest. This too is meaningless.” – Ecclesiastes 2:22

In Ecclesiastes, the teacher is going IN about how much we waste our lives on meaningless things. Most people think the teacher was King Solomon and if you know about him you know that he had everything a man could want. All the wives. All the sidechicks. Every dollar bill to make it rain.

So why would someone with a Cardi B-thriving life write such advice like this?

At the end of the day, God revealed that all that anxious striving King Solomon did meant nothing. Even at night he couldn’t rest because of his obsession with approval, money, and all other possessions.

Are you striving for things that God already promised you too?

My Only Tip For Breaking Free Of the Strive

It’s time to say enough is enough. I believe that God is calling us to live less of what we think will make us happy and more of what will satisfy God’s Plan *Drake voice*.

This lesson of striving hit me hard after a sermon series I watched by Pastor Mike at Transformation Church and its stuck with me since.

This is a SZN to do less, and listen more.

So what’s my number one tip? Seek God FIRST before your own plan, your useless pleasures, your pride and even stacking money.

Stop overcompensating for a promise God already gave you.

My striving was a direct reflection of my lack of trust in him. Because I did not have faith, I figured that I should do it my way.

I am desperately ready to align my life up to God’s pace because without his direction I’m a literal mess.

If you have a dream or goal, stop running at a speed you don’t have the stamina to sustain.

Embrace this SZN to walk, allowing God to build your character and your faith in him alone step by step.

You bout it?

I knew you’d be down.

Go do less, so God can fill you with more K?