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This Is Why I Risked Moving Across Country For a Job

moving across country

This Is Why I Risked Moving Across Country For a Job

“You’re going WHERE?” blasted from my step mom’s loud and confused voice. By this time I was used to it. I mean, I couldn’t believe I was moving to Las Vegas either. Just last week I was picking up poop after energetic kids and now I was scrambling to pack my life away.

Many people admire that I moved to Las Vegas without realizing it was my only option. After college I lost myself. I lost hope that an amazing future was promised to me. I lost hope in my abilities and my ideas. With no luck in the job search, I slowly began to accept mediocrity. Moving across the country was my only chance to change the entire course of my life and mentality.

packing for new job

I was so grateful for the chance to live in Vegas. But starting over is not as easy as people think. After the excitement fades, you quickly begin to feel alone. You start to drift apart from certain friends. You miss out on important events like babies and weddings. It won’t go smoothly and the struggle to discover yourself in a new place can leave you second guessing your decisions.

But in the end, it was the best decision I could have made. If you have been on the fence about taking the chance, here is why I did it:

To prove to myself that I could

Have you ever met a real hustler? Nothing stops them from the goal they set for themselves. They create a system for getting what they want and if it doesn’t work they just try another route. Well that ain’t me. At all. If I don’t get my way after giving 66.45%, I get frustrated and quit. Moving to a new state was the chance to prove that I could do it. From mapping out my 24 hour driving trip to learning my way around town, the move challenged me in ways I had never experienced before. You never know what you are capable of until you take the risk. Whether living somewhere new or just changing  jobs, prove to yourself that you are fully capable of achieving your big goals.

You never know what you are capable of until you take the risk. Click To Tweet

To start fresh

When I was in Dallas, I went through a lot of transitions. My family split and my mom, brother and I downsized into an apartment. I lost many close friends that I thought had my back. Guys continued to do what guys do…the most. So moving was my chance to start new and create the life I know I could achieve. I learned (and still learning) to be authentic, be honest and be my crazy self. I tried new things like rock-climbing and started traveling. The clean slate I got was necessary for me to get to know myself in new ways and pursue my passions without dealing with petty “competition.” Sometimes we can feel so stuck and overwhelmed by old environments. Take the move to discover new and exciting parts of you. Take the chance to grow in your authenticity.

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To leave my comfort zone

I’ve always played it safe. If took chances, it was because I knew that I could succeed in it. Like that one time I tried out for my volleyball team in the 7th grade. Without barely any effort or skill I made it. I actually sucked really bad at it and made the B team but still. I succeeded in my eyes. This move was the first time that I had no B team to fall back on. The move stretched me in ways I never thought it could. I didn’t know what to expect in Las Vegas and although it was frightening, it was exciting too. Nothing spectacular comes out of comfort zones. There were times I was so sad and wanted to come home. But I’ve learned that growth is much more impactful when we get a harder test.

the lesson is much more impactful when we get a harder test. Click To Tweet

I’m forever grateful for moving to Las Vegas because it taught me that I could literally put my mind to anything if I wanted it bad enough. I’ve had amazing days and ones that mentally broke me down. But through trial and error, I’m ready to test these lessons for the rest of my life. If you ever get the opportunity to live in a new environment, do it. You never know what you are truly made of until you have to search for the equivalent of Chick-Fil-A and Whataburger. You never know how strong you are until you have to completely rely on you and God to make ends meet. Love yourself enough to take the chance and if you fall, you’re in the perfect place to rise up again. You got this.