Fashionistas beware. This post is for the confused, indecisive, can occasionally throw a bomb outfit together and kill it girls like me.

Do you throw up a little when you look at what you chose to wear as a young tenderoni in college? I was the queen of mismatching and over-sized clothing that never fit my body type. I had no idea what I liked in fashion back then so I guess you can say I was experimenting. After I graduated and finally got my first big girl job (sheesh that took forever), I stared at my college wardrobe in panic. There was no way I could bring that spaghetti strapped cheetah dress and saggy jeggings into my grown woman, boss life. So I dumped it. Well over time.

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I’m still having so much fun figuring out what I like and hate but here are some steps I’m taking to rebuild my wardrobe after college that leaves me confident:

Step One: Do Your Research

First, I started to pay attention to what I liked (screenshot your life away) and created a photo album in my phone. This helped me to get a sense for my style and a starting place for when I began shopping. For me, I realized that I didn’t have to dress crazy or “unique” to slay on the regular. Through observation, I found out that I actually like a minimalistic look versus bold colors and patterns like I tried to pull off in undergrad. It’s okay to experiment but don’t ever compromise being comfortable for what’s “hot” at the moment. Check out, where I get a lot of my fashion ideas, or other websites like my girl Kristen’s page Seven Days in Style for inspiration. They usually highlight fashionistas who I absolutely stalk and always have great ideas.

2016-06-29 09_20_04-Kris 💋 (@kristylesbykristen) • Instagram photos and videos

Step Two: Cut Out the Junk

Next is the most important step – cleaning out the past. Once I actually sat down and began to go through my clothes I realized I was terrified of getting rid of them. They weren’t just clothes to me, they were memories and I tried to convince myself that I would have a use for them. I took a deep breath and decided I had to cut it *O.T. Genesis voice.* I determined what I needed to toss with this checklist:

clothes,closet, post-grad wardrobe

Step Three: It’s Time to Celebrate

So you’ve identified your style and cleaned out your closet. Now it’s time to get to celebrate by shopping for the basics. I’ll admit I’m cheaper than a dollar menu, so I never took the time to invest in quality clothing in the past. Yes, it’s great to find the deals in the back of the sale rack at Forever 21 but it’s also okay to invest a little more into your staple pieces. Choose great pieces that fit well and make you feel like Rih Rih. Here’s my list to get you started:

clothes, closet, post-grad wardrobe

Other must-haves I am collecting are a blazer, slacks, plain white/black t-shirt, a statement necklace and one bold-colored dress.

So I think you’re ready! Remember, this is all about being confident in your body and that may mean ditching clothes that make you think negatively.

Fashion is about being confident so ditch clothes that make you think negatively. Click To TweetStarting over can seem intimidating but it’s so much fun and a confident booster to create some new looks and eventually step outside your comfort zone to try new things. You got this.