So it has taken me a little while to recover from the life support Beyonce’ put the nation on this past weekend. With the release of her sixth album Lemonade, she threw so many messages at us all at once. She took us through the true and authentic journey of a woman and snatched my life per usual.

This album really took the cake. She perfectly articulated every emotion a woman goes through to just hold her own in this world. We don’t ask for much. We want to be loved and acknowledged but oftentimes, especially in the black community, society teaches us that we must settle and take whatever life gives us. AND don’t even think about complaining about it. We are taught to sit down, mask our emotions and hold in our hurts of betrayal, insecurity, loss, rage, sorrow and even confusion.

If we are upset we are deemed as loud and crazy. If we are quiet we are judged as stuck up and emotional. But Bey said NOT TODAY. This album was made to liberate her secret truth and ours and I am so appreciative. Here are the 5 crazy emotional stages I reached from Lemonade:


She starts off the album with Pray You Catch Me and it immediately stirs up the emotions of those loneliest moments I’ve felt due to betrayal, lies and just feeling unlovable.  This song just screams for a woman’s ability to be respected and so right smack in the beginning I’m going down memory lane of what was. Why do guys lie? Why do guys suck? Why do guys that suck like me? Gosh thanks Bey, I’m officially in my feelings. Where’s the ice cream.

bey sit


Now we are getting into this slew of Waiting to Exhale, burn your clothes emotions. Bey had me hating a man I don’t even have. Between Hold Up, Don’t Hurt Yourself and Sorry, they had me pumped up and ready to break some windows (since I’m single I was willing to do it for someone else too lol). We are taught to not show emotion because guys are so quick to call women crazy but as she says in Hold Up,  “What’s worse? Being jealous or crazy? Or like being walked all over lately, I rather be crazy.”So I officially feel justified for what I did to…nvm.

bey bussin windows

Inner Strength

I feel that as the album progresses Bey truly discovers how valuable she is and her worth as a woman. To me this is portrayed through 6 Inch (my stripper kick anthem) and Freedom which shows that women put up with so much bull while maintaining the grind, the image, the family and herself.  I don’t know about you but I felt pretty legit after dancing to those two songs. It shows how powerful a woman’s inner strength is no matter what she goes through.We literally go through so much internally but “winners never give up on themselves” so ain’t no quittin bih.



As I get near the end I really feel the peace Bey feels. She knows that things aren’t perfect in her life and that she has a lot of forgiving to do but allowing herself to go through each emotion instead of hiding in it gives so much freedom. Daddy Lessons, Love Drought, Sandcastles and All Night portray this willingness to heal and forgive and I too had peace about how things have gone in my life whether good or bad. I’ve learned so much from the pain in my life and know that everything I’ve experienced has made me stronger and wiser.



Of course she has to end with Formation. I’ve been in my feelings, I’ve wanted to burn houses like Left Eye, I’ve found my inner hero, I’ve come to peace with my life’s outcomes and now I’m ready to celebrate about what the future holds for me. We can totally handle what life throws at us and come out on top. We birth life. We are walking miracles. We are made for this.


I hope that as you listen to this it encourages you to own your truth and be completely who you are without regrets. You’re the best to ever do it so don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. *sips lemonade*