Falcons, you had one job for the Culture. ONE.

Falcons, Super bowl

So the Super Bowl was last night and it was by far the biggest travesty I’ve ever seen in sports. Not only did the Atlanta Falcons lose (and my Cowboys weren’t playing), but they lost to a team that was down by 25 points. TWENTY FIVE POINTS. This haddd to be one of the craziest comebacks in Super Bowl history. And as I watched the progression of the game, I began to think. What separates a Super Bowl team like the Patriots from a team that lets them make a comeback like that?

Like the Falcons, we get way too comfortable when we think we already know the outcome.

The game was such a teachable moment. It brought me back to a tragic time I too lost the Super Bowl…of job searching that is.

In 2014, I worked for Blue Cross and Blue Shield as a temp in the public relations department. Although I was only supposed to work for three months, they extended my contract to well over six. In fact, I was doing so well that I knew I was going to be hired. They began to let me do more in the company, I  went to meetings with their clients and even staffed events with their top executives.

During that extension, I also got very comfortable. I stopped putting effort into my clothes, surfed Facebook when I should have been working and everything in between. But when it was time for me to interview for the position I had being temping for, I knew I had it in the bag. I barely even practiced because I was so confident that the job was mine.

Well they didn’t hire me.

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While I had gotten relaxed, there was another woman in the company who had been eyeing that position all along. She had studied the plays she needed to make. Talked to the right people and had years more experience than I did. Now did that mean she was better? Not necessarily. But what it did mean was that I had made a rookie mistake of thinking my destiny was sealed. I got comfortable against that 4-time Super Bowl employee. And I let the opportunity totally slip through my fingers.

How many times do we get comfortable in positions God has blessed us with?

We pray for a job but show up late once we get it. We pray for a relationship but stop caring about their needs. If God has already given you a glimpse of your future, you can NOT get relaxed when things start to align. That is what separates the good from the phenomenal.

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Although I was rooting for the Falcons because of the Culture, I knew that they weren’t ready for that win. They celebrated way before the victory. They let distractions ruin their focus on the prize. And we do this every single day.

IDK about you but I’m tired of losing when it counts. I can dominate the second quarter all I want but that says nothing if I lose the championship. So my biggest takeaways after this game were:

Never Lose Sight of the Vision

I believe that the Falcons lost momentum because they were too quick to celebrate their small wins instead of pressing on toward that ring.

Is that you? Getting distracted along your journey because of an occasional win? A couple good plays?

Although I think it’s important to celebrate when good things happen, I can’t let the smaller wins distract me from the bigger vision of what God is trying to do through me.

The Patriots stayed true to their vision. They showed that greatness comes in the ability to focus on the big picture and overcome setbacks under pressure.

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Earn Your Spot

No matter what industry you are in, I guarantee that their is a league of champions who busted their butt to be there.  So stop thinking that because you feel that you deserve to play in the big leagues that success will just come to you.

The top isn’t given, it’s earned. Does your daily discipline show that you deserve to be the Super Bowl champion of your life? I have to continuously check myself when I get frustrated that I’m not with the “greats” yet. Do the work first.

Don’t Schleep On Your Competition

Like the Falcons, I totally underestimated my competition at Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I got so cocky that I didn’t prepare myself for anyone to come and take my spot. While we should never obsess or compare to our competition, we should know their plays just as much as we know ours.

I love what Eric Thomas says about competition. He reminds me that successful people don’t have to have the talent if they outwork you. The Falcons got outworked. I got outworked. But WE won’t get outworked. Always be two steps ahead of everyone else and set the standard for what a real champion should look like.

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I am praying that this week brings you focus like never before. Yes, the Falcons had a major loss but I also believe that they can bounce back to be champions too. So can we. Declare that you will start thinking like champions do. Promise?

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You got this,

Alaina <3