Ya’ll, I always have something on my mind. So much so that I thought I would leave Mondays to brain dump everything that consumed me the week before. And BAYBAY it was a consuming week. I also recently purchased an amazing new DSLR camera that has me taking pictures of McDonald’s burgers, book shelves and even my snacks at the movies (heck yes I brought it to the movie theater). So please enjoy my recent museum-worthy work and all that I have to say this week.

Oh! And remember that these musings will always circle back to my favorite topics: self-love and personal growth. We tryna do better outchea.

My detailed photo of a bush.

So here’s the deal –

True Life: iLoveMakonnen Likes Men

If you know me well, you know that I bump iLoveMakonnen very hard. (Going up on a Tuesday guy for those that don’t know him). Well last week he finally came out as gay to the world in a series of tweets. Per usual, it came with backlash, Black Twitter jokes and long thought pieces on the acceptance of gay rappers. 

It really wasn’t a shocker at all but it made me stop and think – why do we go out of our ways to prove that we are real? Like did he absolutely HAVE to make an announcement to the world like this was a new Beyonce album?

I think that the world makes it so difficult to be ourselves that we sometimes do the most to prove that we are who we say we are. We are scared AF that people won’t accept us so we overcompensate. Over-prove. Lord knows I’vbeen guilty of this.

I feel like we have to stop trying to be and just BE. Just live your truth and people will love you for it. That’s deep man. 

My aunt and uncle’s cat that ended up being my model.

Speaking of living their truth…

These Presidential egos need to be checked at the door

Sir Highness Angry Orange was pissseeddd about the inaugural numbers. So much so that he dedicated his very first press conference as president to lying to the country about them. We saw the photos, Donald. We KNOW better.

You. Ain’t. Gotta. Lie. Craig.

What baffles me is that Trump turned something so insignificant into a major deal because it hurt his pride. By today, the talk about the numbers would have died down if he wouldn’t have been so petty about it. But you know what? We do alll the time.

I’m sure you can think of a time that you went out of your way to prove someone wrong that questioned you.

When one of my closest friends ended our friendship, I walked around for weeks pretending that I could care less. I would literally wait for the perfect moment to bring up the conversation to prove to people that I didn’t care. Always rolled my eyes. Made all kinds of jokes.

It’s an ego trip and it eats us up inside pretending to “not care” about things that actually hurt us. Whether I’m happy or embarrassed, I now try to practice embracing my feelings and facing the facts (even when I wish I didn’t have to). The truth will always set you free. Let’s get free ya’ll.

My nerdy bookcase of reads that snatch my life.

So what did we learn kids?  No one likes you Trump and it’s okay to admit you feel some type of way about it.

No Text-Back, Texas (Well Nevada)

Speaking of feeling some type of way. Did I ever mention that relationships are not my thing? For awhile (okay more than awhile, like 3 years), I wouldn’t even look at a man. I had clung to the lie that the guy of my dreams would not want a girl like me. Insecurity was definitely my second middle name.

ERR…Enough of the sad violin tale because I’m better now. I am way more confident and I put myself out there more. BUT recently I suffered a severe case of the no text back and it hurt my feelings. BAD. So after the little incident, I posted this question about communication on Facebook:

I got some really good answers like this gem:

Like I mention all the time, I don’t have all the answers Sway. But I do know that I personally will make time for what I think is special. My spirit and soul is sooo important to me and I am learning to be selective about what I expose it to. So I’ll take this no text back L. I will. But I’m excited to learn how to better communicate with others while protecting what is sacred to me.

That’s all I got. What’s on your mind this week? And did you like my pics (haha)


Alaina Nicole <3