World-champion sprinter Usain Bolt is prominently known as the fastest human in history. Flying down the Olympic lanes in his proud Jamaican colors, he has shattered the 100m and 200m records that leaves him untouchable. But there is one thing he’s never done consistently that I can say I have…run a mile.

From an article originally posted on The New Yorker , I read this phenomenon which was posted in a Facebook group that I’m apart of. Right above the post a member stated:

You don’t have to be good at everything.
You don’t even have to be good at a lot of things.
Sometimes, you can be good at one single thing.

And end up being the best in the world.

It struck me. Smacked me in the face even. I’m trying to do so many things and in return not accomplishing much at all. We have to stop and find “that thing” we were born to do. Deep isn’t it?

I don’t know about you but I always have so many ideas running through my head. One day I want to blog. The next maybe I’ll become a fitness teacher and ooo maybe I’ll learn how to braid and get paid. What i’m realizing is that we can’t simply show the world how talented we are if we won’t commit to one goal and truly own it.  The reason Usain doesn’t need to run a mile is because he is already killing his craft. Early on he realized that out of all the track and field events, sprinting was his thing. And once he fully embraced that he gave nothing else his attention. Not even a simple mile.

That’s the laser focus we must have. If you love working in social media then do it will all your heart. Be the best social media person you can and when you master it, THEN move to your next dream. The problem is that we try to do too much, too fast. We become so obsessed with winning and being successful that we forfeit the chance to take advantage of the process.

If you have been struggling with honing in on one passion or skill, here are three tips I learned from the champion Usain:

Stick to what you’re great at and make it better

I’m sure Usain could easily run a mile if he really wanted to. But would he hold the same prestigious record-breaking titles as he already has for sprinting? He knows what he is great at and has dedicated himself to the process of being the best. When finding your “thing” you must be willing to focus and stick to what you know how to do. We all have natural born talents but they won’t be ignited if you split your focus between a million things. Get settled and commit.

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Give your skill absolutely 100%

Usain dedicates his life to sprinting. He sought out the best trainers and sticks to a workout regime that is so intense, including 6 days a week for at least 3 hours. How committed are YOU? Do you want to be a journalist one minute and an artist the next? We have to learn that we must do whatever it takes to succeed. Invest in yourself by taking classes, surrounding yourself with inspiration and talking to the right people about what you want to do. Keep going even when you don’t feel like it. Build up your mental so that you can defeat laziness and hot messness. Change is great but when you get in the habit of quitting because “it’s too hard,” you must reevaluate what your priorities are. Right now it’s losing.

What’s Yours is YOURS

Look. So many times we get distracted by what other people are naturally amazing at. (Were thinking of someone after reading that sentence?)  I’m sure some great-amazing 400m runner somewhere envied Usain’s success or medals, not realizing his own talent allowed him to do something Usain has never done. We don’t realize that if we embrace our unique God-given talent and commit fully to it, then we can achieve our own definition of success. What God created for you, no one can take it away. Stop trying to jump ahead of His plans and dedicate the time it takes to create a winner.

usain 2

My spirit has been so calm because I’m embracing my own craft so that I can dominate it. I will then move to the next talent and murder that too. It’s time to stop wandering and prove to yourself that you can do it. You got this.


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