Last week Tamar Braxton was unexpectedly fired from The Real and it brought some super ugly memories of that pain. Getting fired sucks, trust me I know. A week before college graduation I was working for Habitat for Humanity through a program called Americorps. The deal was that I worked there for a year, which happened to start during my last semester of school. In typical Alaina fashion I thought I had it all figured out: work at Habitat, move to Atlanta, get a big job, marry a baller, have plenty of babies…you know the usual.

I will admit to you that balancing this job, school and being president of my sorority was a challenge that could be seen through my dedication to Habitat. It was a very small affiliate with probably four full-time employees, a real mom and pop place. I was grateful for the job but at the time my main focus was to graduate.

I had been “talked to” aka warned during the semester about my dedication to the position so when I got the phone call from my boss to come to his office I assumed this was a check-in on how I was doing. To my surprise (I really was!), he and my direct supervisor wanted to tell me that I was being let go and that they had already sent in their request to Americorp for my termination. ZAMMMM. So you’re firing me? A week before graduation? Savages. How will I make money? Get to Atlanta? Find my baller? Ya’ll rude. 


You see how they had my plans all messed up? I cried. Ugly cried all in their unapologetic faces and didn’t care. But after, I pulled myself together and I felt freed. I honestly wasn’t happy there and hated being in an environment that micromanaged and didn’t believe in me. So I gathered my things and chunked deuce.

Major Key #1: Being fired helped me grow

When I got fired I learned so many things about myself and my work style, one being that communication with your staff is key. If you can’t trust talking with them about your issues (which I didn’t) then it will affect how you work. After they dumped me I grew as an employee and took the lessons from Habitat into my other jobs that I’ve had amazing experiences at. I also learned to believe in myself and my abilities. Use the alone time you now have to focus on what worked and what didn’t and you will grow into an even better person.

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Major Key #2: Being fired taught me what I wanted

When I looked back on it, I honestly didn’t want to work for Habitat for ever. There was a possibility for employment after the program but I wanted to be this popular publicist that had all the celebrity friends. Something glamorous. But even though I had other plans, I was willing to settle for this job although I wasn’t happy (which I’m sure showed and contributed to their feelings about me) because it was safe and “sticking to the plan.” FORGET THAT PLAN, YO. It’s going to change and that’s okay. Take the experience of being fired or unemployed to follow what you are passionate about and do it with all your heart.

Major Key #3: Being fired elevated me

When Tamar Braxton was let go from her “dream job” I knew the pain and fear she felt of what to do next but within a week she had received an abundance of support and oh yea, a new deal with Steve Harvey for her own talk show. By herself. No coworkers. No drama. Just Tay. I am a firm believer that God will always restore what you have lost and give you even more if you trust him. Not only did he free me from a toxic environment but granted me an internship at one of the largest public relations firms in the country that I started a month after graduation. And I was worried, psh.

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I know in the moment it feels awful but being let go and unemployed is not the end of the world. I’ve seen so many people turn negatives to positives – look at my God Mom Oprah who got fired from one of her first TV gigs and now dominates the entire country. Keep the faith, keep walking in who you are and watch something absolutely epic blossom in your life.

This is your world. Go kill that ish. #letsglow