What does Kim K’s new wig, marvelous melanin and an explosion of girl power have in common? #BlogHer16. This weekend I traveled to LA for a blogging conference to face this huge secret world for the first time. Being a newbie, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Well for one, it took me 50leven try-ons to pick outfits to pack. I also had a full blown panic attack behind getting blog business cards three days before the conference (because apparently that’s a thing you need). I got them. They were basic BUT The Glow Up was in there.

This experience made me really anxious. I mean these women had blogs and social channels of thousands, building mommy and dog tribes everywhere (apparently mommy and dog blogs are another big thing). I went completely by myself but had a pep talk right before I left about being open to new people and new conversations. I am still completely blown away by the weekend. I mean I saw Kim Kardashian’s butt in real life at the keynote lunch and yelled Black Girl Magic with some of my favorite influencers. This wasn’t just a little event of introverts stuck behind a screen. It was a gathering of creatives and entrepreneurs that provided me another amazing teaching lesson about life.

From informative sessions to hilarious convos about Blaxit, I learned so much about the blog world and about myself:

Be You No Matter What

This is something that we know we need to do but often don’t. Like exercising. Or turning down pizza. From LBGTQ blogs to blogs about literally melting candy, these women were walking in what they loved and doing it unapologetically. There was a moment when I was walking with a creative I love and this huge group of black women shouted her name to come over. Not going to lie, it was awkward at first because I didn’t feel “in” the community. But the beautiful bloggers met me with huge hugs, natural hair and some she tried its. It was the first REAL time I understood the definition of Black Girl Magic and why I can stay true to that in my world of diversity. It was a moment that brought me overwhelming peace. I didn’t have to walk around like I knew everything or had the largest blog ever. I just needed to be myself. That’s how you win.

Black Girl Magic

Develop Tough Skin to Handle Haters

Not gonna lie, when it comes to Kim Kardashian I have always been the “but she has no talent” commentator. I was really interested in hearing her speak in person to prove my theory right too. But in return, I got an earful of wisdom from Kim about blocking the noise around negativity and opposition. When you’re on the other side you never realize how much you judge someone before you take time to understand them. Kim has to have extremely tough skin to keep pushing to stay at the top through judgement everyday. It taught me that if you really want your goals you HAVE to push through the noise because it’s always going to be there. Keep doing what you love and the doubters will get a last row seat to your greatness because they will still be at the bottom.
Kim Kardashian Confidence

Always Support Your Peers, Always Support Your Competition

Everywhere I turned people were asking me about my blog and for my basic business cards. They were genuinely interested in what I had to say and exchanging ideas. I learned that comparison is tiresome. What’s for you will always be for you and you only. Instead of spending time trying to beat someone, spend it supporting them. It’s okay aim for the best but that’s as long as you’re not bringing others down.

Girl Power support

Surround Yourself With People Who Get It

It is so tiring to try to make people understand your dreams if they don’t have the same goals and values as you. I’m a firm believer of having many different friends for different aspects of life but your core has GOT to understand you. Tiffany Pham, founder of the huge site Mogul, talked about how she got connected to businesses like Absolut Vodka and Match.com simply through relationships. This is the most important time to build your team of cheerleaders. Be wise who you choose to go in the game for your.

Destiny's child girl squad

Stay Committed

But you already know this.

Needless to say, this trip was a WIN. I’m so thankful for everyone I met and what I learned. Keep going for those dreams ya’ll. You’re almost there.

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