If anyone knows anything about being all talk and no action, it’s me. I’m the queen of saying one thing, doing it for a month and slowly backing away from the commitment like I’ve seen an ex I didn’t want to run into at the mall.

For example, I haven’t had the most successful track record with ideas. There was…

heavenonlyknws – My first blog that I actually regret quitting to this day

Forever Young  – My millennial entertainment blog that lasted all of 3 weeks

The Epidemic – A partnership with my friend to capture entertainment events which lasted all of FOUR weeks. (new record)

Perfect 10 – My clever girl empowerment group that was a great idea but never got off the ground because I do the most sometimes

And you know what? Most people honestly don’t keep up with you enough to know that you dropped the ball and that you gave up on something after sharing it with your entire social media community. But you notice. Each time you don’t go for it you feel a little lump in your throat because you’ve let yourself down.

You were not made to live a mediocre life. I repeat – YOU WERE NOT MADE TO LIVE A PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK, JOB YOU HATE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER THAT COMPLETELY SUCKS, LIFE. Over and over I’ve dreamed about living a life of abundance and being so fulfilled I can hardly stand it, but I wasn’t putting in the work to make that happen. I know there is something you would love to do but in order to stay focused and just go for it you must first do four things:

You Have To Identify Your Why

Do you even know why you have that goal or dream? If it’s just for the money or admiration from others then I’m sorry to be the first to tell you but…it’s not going to last. Your why has to be something that keeps you going when you want to give it all up. I realized that the reason I quit so much was because my “why” was so superficial. I wanted the recognition and to feel important. I wanted to be popular and to prove to people that I was the sugar honey ice tea. As I’ve grown I’ve realized that I rather be lemonade (see what I did there).  Find your why and remember it every time you want to quit.

Build Your Foundation & Your Patience

Oprah wasn’t built in a day ya’ll. We see celebrities and successful people and forget all the blood, sweat and tears they put into their dreams. Instead of worrying about how quickly you will get to the top, worry about the foundation your dream is standing on. Have you ever been on an Instagram page that has like 678K followers but when you click on their picture they have 11 likes and 2 comments? They most likely took the shortcut of buying followers instead of putting in the work to creating a dedicated community which will never create a long-lasting dream or company. Anybody can be a one hit wonder but it takes a truly dedicated person to become legendary. I talk more about letting go over your timeline on my post here.

Instead of worrying about how quickly you will get to the top, worry about the foundation your dream is standing on. Click To Tweet

Invest In Yourself

This is something I never understood and am in the process of learning this very second. If you want to achieve your dream and stand out above the rest, then you must put in what you expect to get out of it. This could be investing in a conference or seminar to sharpen your skills or spending a little extra on a professional logo for your business. Remember what we just said about short-cutting? This applies here too. That may mean sacrificing new bundles or missing a happy hour with the coworkers. If you truly believe in what you are doing then do whatever you have to do to grow and be the best.

Build a Support System

Chasing our dreams is hard and we need people to keep us accountable. Now is the time to pull away from anyone who puts a smidget of doubt in your head that you can’t do something. When people are jealous or afraid to go after their own dreams, they will put that toxic thinking in your head. Not today, Satan. Get around people who are going to uplift you and root for you to kill that ish. Also get around people who are where you want to be. Talking to those kinds of people will expand your mind and possibilities for your goals.

The time is now. Not tomorrow, not next week. What we do in our 20s will absolutely set the course for who we will be later in life.

What we do in our 20s will absolutely set the course for who we will be later in life. Click To Tweet

You may have some setbacks, you may have some failures but now is the time to commit to living the life you deserve. It would be such a shame to not see what you’re capable of because of fear or plain laziness. Don’t let that or anything else get in your way because NOBODY can bring to the world what you will.

What is one reasonable step you can take toward your goal? Comment below and maybe I can help jumpstart you!


Alaina Nicole