Black girls don’t rock climb. At least that’s what I convinced myself as I walked into our next team building activity. You see, I tried to be adventurous with rock-climbing once before and it left me stuck and hanging on for dear life. I’m not afraid of heights and definitely not of challenges but it was the whole “use your upper body strength” that got me. I have none. I can barely do 5 push-ups.  I might as well be a T-Rex because my arms are useless – okay sorry, I got off track.

So I walked into this amazing gym with my team, got all set up and began climbing. And just like I remembered it was hard as heck. Worse even – I skinned my freakin’ leg.



You see that’s how our journey can be sometimes. We already decide how our outcome will be based on past experiences.

Oh he won’t be attracted to a girl like me because I’ve  put myself out there before and got rejected

I can’t lose this weight because of my family history, we are just bigger people

I won’t even go after my dreams because I tried once before and failed miserably

They won’t hire me because every company says I don’t have enough experience

Does that voice sound familiar? Life disappointments hurt. Up until Monday I had been on the fence with joy because I was in such a hurry to live the life I’ve imagined for myself. What I didn’t realize was that I was setting myself up for failure by already making assumptions of my future. Do you ever get that feeling? You’re so anxious, yet a little bit pessimistic because stuff like what you dream, I’m talking about the REALLY big ones, doesn’t happen to people like you.

So how did I discover this newfound peace at the sweaty gym? I climbed.

Majority of the time the climb is the thing that we should be embracing, not where we started or where we’ve been. Not our should haves and what ifs, but our moments right now. You see, each stage in your life does not have the same level of difficulty but they will all teach you something that will help you get to who you were meant to be.


There’s LEVELS to this

In the gym each rock wall had a set of color-coded numbers on it that signified the difficulty of the climb. Level 1 was a piece of cake, a four-year-old could probably kill that. I actually got to Level 2 comfortably but as I attempted Level 3 I struggled. HARD. And we won’t even mention the other levels because that just wasn’t happening that day. What I realized was that although I wanted to be on beast-mode at Level 7, my body was only equipped for Level 1 and 2. It had not developed the muscles and stamina to jump to the next stage yet. This required me to master each level one climb at a time.


Develop those muscles, people

Don’t be in such a hurry to complete your climb that you neglect what it takes to grow and get there. Don’t compare your climb to others who have been in the muscle-building business for quite some time now. What God has for you will be for you but first you must embrace the journey, one climb at a time.

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Have you embraced your climb yet? I found joy in realizing that life is about consistency, commitment and embracing where we are at in the moment. Now somebody cue Miley Cyrus.