I rushed inside Glutton restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas, quickly directed to the back of the already-crowded hotspot. You see, tonight I wasn’t just a regular guest. I would have the honor to try their ultimate “Breakfast for Dinner” menu, brilliantly concocted with another well-known spot – Carson’s Kitchen. I rushed to the back (I was late ya’ll), walked outside and was met by that familiar warm smile.

“Sit right here,” said May Wildman, founder of the poppin’ Instagram page @VegasDining who also happens to be one of my favorite Vegas gal pals. She introduced me to the other social media foodie friends she had met at our table and then proceeded to do what she does best – take UHMAZING pics of the best food of the night.


After moving to the city over a year ago, May searched for a way to connect to her passion for food and with others who loved it just as much.

Part of the reason I started @VegasDining was because I had just moved to a new city and wanted to meet people who also love to eat. I’ve already achieved that goal, because I’ve met and become friends with a lot of Vegas foodies who are even more talented than I am.

But even an Insta-boss like May still ran into a little doubt sometimes.

Sometimes I compare myself to other foodie photographers and end up feeling like I don’t measure up. However, my boyfriend puts it best: When you first start out at something, you’re going to feel like you’re the best. As you keep working in your field you’re going to realize how wrong you were, and how much better other people are. It’s all about looking to other people for inspiration, finding your unique niche and working with it. Each time you try, you will get better—whether it’s at photography or with anything else.

It’s all about looking to other people for inspiration, finding your unique niche and working with it… Click To Tweet

Following your passion isn’t easy and May proves that dedication is key.

I’ve really put a lot of time and effort into this so it feels nice that my hard work has paid off. It’s amazing that anyone is able to become a foodie blogger, a Youtube vlogger, or an Instagrammer, only with talent and persistence. I feel really lucky to be alive in a day and age where anything is possible.


And of course she gets to eat the most egg-citing food in the entertainment capitol of the world.

Some of my favorite things I’ve eaten in Vegas so far are: The ramen at Itsy Bitsy Ramen & Whiskey downtown, the portabello mushroom fries at Echo & Rig, the buffalo cauliflower at Public School 702 and anything at PublicUs. I have also been known to crave an In-N-Out or Shake Shack burger every once in a while.

May has grown @VegasDining from the ground up with over 20K dedicated foodie followers. When building a brand on social media her biggest piece of advice is…you guessed it, consistency.

I see so many Vegas foodie Instagram pages that either start and only post a few pics, or will go on a posting spree for a few days and go silent for weeks. You may not get a lot of followers at first, but if you keep posting every day, people will notice you. My other recommendation is to like and comment on other peoples’ photos. Not only does Instagram favor users that engage heavily, but it will encourage those folks to like and comment on your own pics, boosting your engagement rate.


May has had the opportunity to attend all kind of amazing events in the city from pursuing what she loved most – incredible food. You can’t beet that (see what I did). The sky is the limit, May!


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