Living life on her own terms is what Kelsey Lemons organically created for herself. Emerged in a world of unfulfilled people, she knew that in order to live the life that God desired for her, she must build a lane that many are afraid to go. A few years ago Kelsey started She, In The Making, a creative outlet that allowed her to document her life stories, stretch limiting beliefs and ultimately create a platform to share her incredible gifts to the world.

What started out as such a simple passion project after college eventually grew into an organic brand, allowing her to tap into her true skills of freelance photography, hand-lettering and blogging. Realizing that she had a lot to say and a growing influence to express her wisdom and life stories, Kelsey has achieved thousands of followers, hosted workshops and has worked with companies like ASUS USA, Nordstrom, Essence Cosmetics and more. But even through her success she realized early that the journey could not completed without her guidance from Christ and an undenying belief that the impossible is absolutely possible.

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We all have days that we doubt ourselves but Kelsey has continuously pushed past that voice in her head to create and sustain her passions and business…even if it involves the best pint of ice cream.

I would love to say I never have days where I just sit and sulk and indulge in sweets and watch my favorite movies, but I’m human and I do. And sometimes, I think these moments aren’t bad for us. I acknowledge how I’m feeling. I let myself go there for a moment, but I constantly play devil’s advocate with myself in my mind. I assess the reality of the situation and the options for moving forward. (Possibly even all the while spooning in the gelato.) I will play some worship music and talk to God about it, write down things I know to be true (even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment), and read a few scriptures.

I know that if there are things holding me back from something that God has given me the heart to do, then that means the enemy is trying to slip me up. So after I have my moment, I remember who the fight is truly against, and I get back to work – maybe a little bruised, but also a little feistier. 


Through her beliefs and her significant message of living your truth and having faith, she knows that those who are called into purpose will not travel a crowded road. 

I try to remember that my gifts are from God and God alone. When I start feeling like what I’m doing isn’t good enough, I remember I’m not called to be or do what other people are doing. That I don’t have to get caught up in the hustle.The best thing I can do in the moment is try to sharpen my gifts and to wisely take opportunities to bless others with them. And to encourage others in their giftings, because that’s what I feel like I’m here to do — identify the value and purpose in others and make them more aware of the special care and gifts God has placed within them. I feel like I’m on the right track if I keep this at the core of what I do and remember this when things start to get a little fuzzy.

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Oftentimes chasing our dreams can be overwhelming and intimidating. When searching for your calling Kelsey knows that the key is to slow down and embrace the moment.

Don’t be frazzled by the 1,001 things you wish you were or you wish you could be doing. Start with where you’re at. Think about what interests you and what you enjoy right now. Think about what gives you fulfillment. And then match that up to where you are. How does it align with where you are now? At this moment, what’s one step you can take to make the two align a little bit more? If you take that first step, you’ll find there will come another, and then another, and soon enough you’ll be looking back at the beautiful path you’ve taken and expectant of what you’ll find to come.


In a world taken up by unhappy 9-5’s I am completely drawn to Kelsey’s ability to live in her divine assignment and pass that spirit of hope and love to others. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out her wonderful business and watch out for everything she is about to bless that world with. I pray for an overflow of blessings pouring your way, girl!


Alaina Nicole