As I stood emerged in a room full of students, I couldn’t help but to be excited to see Courtney Shilo perform her upbeat, pre-game worthy track “Invitation” to a new crowd at Texas State University. This was the first time the songstress had performed her song to an audience this big and I knew that she had been nervous about it. But as always the stage fright disappeared and she left us stunned by her booming vocals that killed and destroyed every edge in that room.

Courtney has always been known as a human jukebox, portraying her love for singing in everything she does. But in college Courtney secretly battled daily with the lingering pain of heartbreak to a man she loved. We all know what it’s like to give our all to someone that doesn’t truly see our worth and it left Courtney broken. Doing the only thing she knew how to do, she began to write her pain day by day, expressing the ups and downs of relationships and loving someone who takes advantage. Through these experiences and years of dedication to her craft birthed her emotion-filled and vulnerable EP “A Single Life,” released this past Tuesday, June 7.


Courtney knew that this would be the most important project she had ever done. She has used her voice to connect to women in a new way about learning from broken places.

I feel like my EP identifies with what women go through in relationships, especially during college. I didn’t see how the betrayal and pain would benefit me then but projecting my voice and receiving so much positive feedback has impacted me in a major way. I learned to take my pain with a man to engage in my gift of singing. My ability to be open has connected me with people I never thought I would meet. I’m most proud of my single “Placement,” which was written during one of the darkest periods in my life but has now opened so many doors to my career. 


Through past experiences she wants women to know that settling for a man who won’t treat you like a queen is never the answer.

Don’t be afraid to be single. So many times women jump from bad relationship to the next to fill a void that can only be fixed through taking time to get to know who you are. I realized that I desperately needed the alone time to reflect on what I actually wanted in life and to go after my goals. The opportunity for a clear head has led me to pursue music like never before without the distractions of someone who was wasting my time. 


Courtney also realized that freedom comes from acknowledging your part in playing into a toxic man and forgiving yourself.

As you listen to the evolution of my EP, it goes through the emotional roller coaster of how much we blame men and question ourselves. By the end, my song “Let Me Think” reflects on how I fueled the mistreatment by continuing to let a man treat me less that what I deserve. Acknowledge the fact that the person repeatedly treated you bad because of what you allowed but don’t dwell or let the mistakes keep you imprisoned. Learn from them and turn that pain into purpose.

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Courtney’s EP “A Single Life” speaks volumes to the evolution of finding your glow in low places and features eight amazing tracks on Soundcloud. She continues to chase her dream of telling her stories through music and inspires us all to take those lemons and make the sweetest lemonade. Queen Bey style.