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Glow Girl Friday: Lex on Turning Food Addiction Into Her Dream Business

online fitness coach

Glow Girl Friday: Lex on Turning Food Addiction Into Her Dream Business

I huffed and puffed as I rushed toward the large church. It was a hot day in Las Vegas and my aunt had invited me to a meeting about leadership. Running into an empty room, I was greeted by the warmest smile. That’s the day I met Alexis. She was hosting a new group about fitness and health (I was obviously still lost because that was NOT where I was supposed to be). But we laughed, chatted and I ended up signing up for her program that started a rewarding yet challenging road of conquering food addiction.

Living for God and working for herself, “Lex” serves as a virtual fitness coach, helping clients achieve their most difficult fitness goals. Whether posting a high-energy video on Facebook or hosting a info-packed webinar, she has built a business on being the ultimate accountability partner. I never knew that by stumbling into that room I would gain such an inspirational friend in my life. But her transparency about her past struggles with addiction helped to transform the way I looked at my own goals and changed me forever.

online fitness coach

The road to entrepreneurship was never easy. After college, Lex found herself in a state of confusion and unfulfillment.

 After graduating college, I had no clue what I wanted to do. Finally, after quitting countless jobs, I discovered that the ONLY thing I was sure I wanted to do was never work for someone else. I took my natural passion for inspiring others, combined it with my love for food, and allowed the good Lord to guide me into health and fitness for my calling. 

From low self confidence to food & drug addiction, Lex embraced her broken places that placed her on a journey to inspiring others.

I’ve always been a believer that it’s in your MESS that you discover your MESSAGE. I don’t find it a bit ironic that I’ve battled food & drug addiction, that I have forever suffered from low self esteem & distorted self image. I know I was meant to go through that mess, climb my way out of it, and then help others who are struggling with it. Food is my kryptonite. It is ALSO my super power. The personal struggle through this journey was overcoming (and continuously overcoming) myself. But I’ve allowed the Lord to continue His work in me, knowing that without Him I don’t stand a chance. He is my strength.

online fitness coach

Since beginning her virtual coaching, Lex now walks confidently in her purpose  to help people take health seriously.

I know God is calling me to go deeper into this health epidemic in our country and in our communities. I know it’s my job to help shed light on the freedom that is found in turning to the only One capable of filling the voids in our lives. Food is not our savior, food cannot heal our emotional wounds, food will never fill the void. Food is like an unfaithful lover and will leave you feeling empty and low time and time again. It’s my job to bring about a change here.

eggplant recipe

One of her delicious recipes,Eggplant Turkey Burgers

Lex believes that deep down everyone knows their purpose, you just have to be open and willing to let it in.

I believe we’ve all been blessed with this vision of who we’re capable of becoming. My advice to people who are struggling with fear and doubt is this: if God gave you the vision, NEVER EVER LET GO OF IT! It is literally what’s on the other side of this fear and this doubt. It’s victory! It’s the future YOU. And she’s so powerful and strong. Start living today in light of the future YOU that you know in your heart you are capable of becoming.

Food addiction is a huge silent struggle in our society. If post-grads are looking taking control of their health, Lex suggests these three things:

  • Find Your Why:  You have to have a strong belief, a strong CONVICTION in WHY you need to make this lifestyle change and why you can’t wait a second longer to start changing.  It has to be a CONVICTION because skin deep goals like “I want to lose weight” don’t stand a chance against your female hormones and that piece of double chocolate cake.
  • Check Your Perfectionism at the Door:  Lose that “all or nothing” mentality. If you aim for perfection, you will fail every time. Realize that your struggles with food, your battles with self image have taken a LIFE TIME to come about. Give yourself so much grace in this process. Aim to have as much love & respect for yourself as your Maker has for you.
  • Find a Buddy: Change happens in community. Don’t go at this alone. If you’re serious about your goals, find someone who will help hold you accountable and who will remind you of that WHY.

If you aim for perfection, you will fail every time. Click To Tweet

I love love LOVE Lex’s heart and passion for others. She has been a key influence in getting me on the right fitness track and facing my battle with food by replacing what I with what God thinks. It’s a daily struggle for sure but I’m blessed to have such an amazing friend to keep me going.

If you’re interested in Lex’s program or have questions about starting your own business you can contact her here.