When I was in the 9th grade I got caught stealing at a Claire’s store. I had heard the fantastic stories of my friends’ clepto campaigns and watched them enjoy all of the amazing merch they collected. Well I wanted to be apart of the hype too. I could be a Swiper No Swipey. So this particular night I gathered up my courage. I walked in Claire’s, looked around for a second and very obviously put cheap clip-on earrings in my purse. I mean, the only other time I had stole anything was when I was four (I stuck a stick of gum under my dress). So I basically sucked at this. The next thing I heard was “I need security to the lower store please.” My heart dropped. Needless to say I learned a valuable lesson in mistakes that day.

Past mistakes can truly haunt us. Although I slipped out the store before the security came (I know the lady called them just to scare me), for weeks I beat myself up about it. What would my mom think? I could have been arrested! I can’t eat jail food, there’s no pizza.  I couldn’t move past it because I knew my guilt came from betraying myself. It came from knowing that I could do better and be better.

Making mistakes

It’s impossible to go through life without making mistakes. From giving our heart to lames to getting caught up with the law, these bumps in our journey can truly haunt us. They are monsters. And if we are not careful they can keep us stuck in fear and self-doubt as we try to move forward.

Time is too short to be stuck in the past. You have to stop being so hard on yourself and let go of the hurt and pain that have resulted by bad decisions. If you’re struggling to kill those daily whispers and ghouls that tell you that you’re not worth an amazing life, then here are four reasons to shut them up for good.

Your Emotions are NOT fact

Just tell your emotions to shut up already. When you start feeling overwhelmed with guilt and shame, remind yourself that just because you feel bad doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Your mistakes don’t define you and neither should your emotions. A key to this is monitoring how you talk to yourself (How to Be Your Own BFF). Oftentimes we allow our emotions to create our world but we have to make a promise to take ownership of those feelings and not let them keep us down or discouraged.

You Have To Forgive Yourself To Free Yourself

Let’s face it. You messed up and there’s nothing you can do to change that. But you can absolutely change how you feel about it. You have to accept your flaws and know that every choice we make is another step on our journey. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. A part of acceptance is admitting that you left yourself down. We like to try and ignore our feelings, hoping that avoiding the mistake will make it go away. Face it. Embrace it. Own it. Love it.


Mistakes Are Our Best Teachers

I don’t know about you but I grow the most when I’m faced with adversity. Facing the feelings of guilt have helped me to see who I don’t want to be and have pushed me to become better. You are strengthened through your trials. Look at your mistakes in your past as tests that were necessary to help elevate you to the next stage of your life. When I open my past journals I’m so amazed at how much I have grown. You are going to make it, I promise.

Someone Is Counting On You

I wholeheartedly believe that we go through battles because we will be used to help someone else. You never know who is going to be encouraged by your story. People love transparency so your mistakes could help save someone else from dealing with the pain you went through.  It could be what kick-starts that business or become head of an organization. Always be bold with who you are and what has gotten you to this point. If you survived it, then there is a purpose for it.

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Never deny or be ashamed of past choices you have made. That is the devil’s way of holding you back from all that you can be. He knows that if you discover how bomb you are that you will be unstoppable. Well superwoman, it’s already inside of you. Take control, defeat the monsters and let that freedom flag fly (and don’t steal any earrings). You got this.