Have you ever been excited about buying fresh fruit from the grocery store? You pick the vibrant oranges, take them home and proudly sit them at the top of your refrigerator. At first,  you eat them with everything – smoothies, snacks and even just by themselves. The oranges are so sweet and satisfying. But then you get distracted by Cheetos. You know the Cheetos aren’t nearly as good for your body but they taste better and are a quick fix to your hunger pains. You don’t have to put in the effort of pealing layers back for them and I mean, they are orange too right? Over time you begin feeling weak. You turn away from everything that is healthy because you feel guilty for not eating that orange. Sound familiar? This is what our relationship with God can be like.

As you can imagine, living in Sin City is quite a challenge when it comes to faith. After a six month high of living in my “dream life,” I was slowly falling. I realized I had a job but no purpose. I had a good life but was merely trying to survive day to day. As a result, I started treating God like a Meek Mill even though I knew he was my Drake.

Finally one day I completely crashed. God where are you? I sat in the middle of my apartment feeling so distant from the one I claimed to be my best friend. I was finally tired of pretending everything was good because it wasn’t. I didn’t feel God in my life. I felt like a joke. I didn’t understand what he was doing in me or around me anymore.


It’s so funny because even when God proves himself faithful to his promises, we can still drift back into depending on the world to bring us fulfillment. I had put my new job, new friends and new responsibilities on such a pedestal that it left no room or time for God. I took advantage of the fact that I knew he would always be there. I made him my Cheeto. And it sucked because it was my fault.

I want to tell you that God will never leave you. It is us who create distance between our creator when we put the world before his desire for our lives. If you are struggling to get a solid relationship with him or revive one, here are the realities I had to face:

I had no solid routine

We have to stop treating God like an after-thought. The same one we depend on to wake us up each morning (literally with our life) is the one we kind of, sort of talk to when we have time. He loves you so much and wants to do so much in your life but like any relationship, he has to see that you want his love. Stop treating him like a Santa Claus or a genie. Make the effort to give him your time. Ways to connect could be watching a video, writing to him, singing, praying or reading a bible. Genuinely seek new ways to connect and wait for him to reveal fresh affirmations in your life.


TOO many Distractions

Examine who or what you think about everyday. We are bombarded with messages and ideas that in order to survive in 2016 we have to lower our standards and our values. You don’t have to pop it for pimp to be loved or stuff your face with cheap pizza because it’s quick. Look over your life and decide to leave anything that hinders your growth and relationship with God. Of course, this is easier said than done but I believe you already know what it is. A lot of time it’s the things that we internally battle and have NO peace about. That thing or person will never give you the love and attention you seek within, no matter how hard you try. Only give your time to things that align with what you know to be true.

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I didn’t surround myself with believers

Are you spending time with people who appreciate Jesus? I love the fact that I have friends from all faiths and beliefs but I realized that not talking about God to others in Las Vegas drained me. Just like success, you have to have a solid foundation of friends that can understand your faith and encourage you to live by that. This keeps you focused in dark times.

I had to be honest with God

I think more than anything God wants us to keep it real. Christianity does an awful job at making people feel like they have to be perfect to be close to Jesus. Jesus LOVES broken people and he can only speak to you when you admit there are things you don’t understand in your life. Take some quiet time, whether in a journal or just praying to dish it out to Him. I promise He can take it and your spirit will be free from the burden you carry.

God gives relief Vivica

Want to know the best thing? God never measures us by our performance. This means that you can be a total hot mess and he will love on you anyway. Know that you are completely normal. I know for a fact that every Christian goes through a point of not feeling the “God thing.” But God’s love for you is the dopest love story ever told and he is always in your corner. Don’t fill yourself up with cheetos when you know that oranges give you strength. Embrace the process, grow your patience and #keepglowing.


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