Have you ever met a couple and thought “dang they truly fit well together”?

That’s how I feel about Erika and Clayton.

Immediately upon talking to them, their energy overflows in the best of ways.

Although not married yet, Erika and Clayton have learned a lot during their relationship and I knew throwing in one God-fearing engaged couple couldn’t hurt right?

Everything E&C do is unconventional. He’s the musician. She’s the makeup artist.

And it’s through the rule-breaking that they have found their love and confidence.

This interview is so much fun (they love Bruno so let’s just pack our bags and go home. I’m sold), but what I love the most is that their love only grew as they sought out what God had to say about them.

It’s so good ya’ll and their story is awesome. But I’ll let them tell it:

Alright, let’s go to the beginning. How did ya’ll meet?

Erika: *laughs* Clayton, do you want to tell it?

Clayton: No, you get mad when I tell the story.

*both of them laugh hysterically*

E: I say mutual friends but Clayton says…

C: We met at a party.

E: So after high school my friend  Laura was throwing a party for her birthday.

C: At the time I used to play in a band with our mutual friend (Laura’s neighbor) and Laura asked if we could do our whole DJ setup at her party. So I did a little Facebook stalking to see who would be there and Erika definitely stood out. And yea, we ended up meeting at the party and hit it off there.

E: But I was actually still with my high school sweetheart.

C: Yea, and I wasn’t about to be messing around with someone who has a boyfriend so I didn’t make any moves.

E: He definitely made an impression and I knew that he was special. Even after, I just couldn’t get him off my mind. So I found him on Facebook through Laura’s past invites (girls are the best detectives just saying. Erika didn’t even remember his name!) and we started talking. I realized then that I needed to leave my high school sweetheart because we just weren’t growing together. So I chose Clayton! *laughs*engaged and young

What drew you to each other?

E: What really drew me to him was his faith with the Lord. I didn’t have that with my ex-boyfriend. Like I had a relationship with Christ throughout high school but then you go through falling in love and doing what your boyfriend wants. We even went to college together and I think that’s why I steered my ex-boyfriend’s direction and didn’t have the Lord guide me.

C: And I was upfront about that too because it was something that was really important to me. I grew up in the church and I think a lot of us go through straying away. So I had kind of gone through that period and come back to the faith in a really strong way. I knew I had to have that in whoever would be in my life.

At what point did you know that this was it?

E: I think when we started talking on the phone and we were connecting on a deeper level. Stuff like our morals and how we wanted to raise our future kids. It all pretty much aligned. So honestly in about a week or two for me.

C: I knew at the party *busts out laughing again* It was more like ‘wow this is someone who is really special and different. Something I haven’t really experienced before.’ The only thing was that she had a boyfriend and I didn’t want to be hasty. So I just had to step back and pray that whatever happens, happens.

Clayton, was there anything you did to prepare for this? Like anything you prayed for specifically for your spouse?

C: Yea, so just in my individual walk, I had graduated high school and while in college I just began to feel so lost. That’s when I came back to the church and really found God again. It was at that point where I think God was telling me that marriage would be my next step. And Erika’s been the biggest inspiration in my life to help me move forward creatively as an artist and as an adult.

It’s so funny, because all the couples I talked to said the same thing about knowing early on that they are the one.

E: Like of course with my high school sweetheart that was my first love but you can tell that God actually chose Clayton for me. Immediately you know. It’s weird but thanks God!young and engaged

What’s a lesson you’ve learned together?

E: Patience. That was rough. So we’ve been together for six years and my problem was always like ‘Yo, when are we going to be ready?’ I was always ready for the next step but I really had to be faithful to the Lord and pray for Clayton like ‘Lord, help Clayton.’

C: *Laughs, again*

E: Seriously! Like ‘Lord guide him on the path that you want him to be so that he can be the man I need to marry.’ And also for me to prepare to be the wife that I need to be. So it was a struggle, girl.

C: Until you’re in a serious relationship you don’t know how to have one. The biggest one for me was how love is a selfless act. I put in a lot of my faith, time and sacrifice for that relationship and it pays off so much more.

Erika, do you think that seeing everyone else around you getting married played a part in your impatience with engagement?

C: I will say this real quick. I felt the burn (lol tell us how you really feel, Clayton)

E: I think it stemmed from that neither of us did the “correct” social pathway of life. Like I didn’t finish college. So I just wanted one thing that was normal to society. There was also pressure from working in the wedding industry too. I was always surrounded by love and engagements. It was rough but I also had to be happy for their season of life. I knew it would come to us and honestly it came at the right time.

Lightening round! Here we go.

When this song comes on we always dance:

E: Anything, Bruno Mars (They bust out singing Uptown Funk. Obvious choice)

Our favorite date activity is:

C: Netflix and chill

E: And get food delivered to you like YESS

This is one thing that annoys me about Clayton:

E: Just one? I’m just kidding. Clayton is so funny and I love his humor but sometimes he takes it too far. Like 200% goofiness and I’m like yo calm it down.

C: She’s talking about today! hahaha

What is the silliest thing you’ve ever argued about:

C: Probably how dirty my car is. I just think that’s so silly…

E: His car is SO dirty. I’m just sayin.

What is your best memory together?

C: I would say being around her family for holidays. I love how big her family is and seeing her in that environment. That’s like heaven to me.

E: When Clayton took me to Clyde Warren Park and played a few songs for me that were original. The simple things are my favorite times.

What advice can you give to someone has just started dating?

C: Other than put it in God’s hands?

E: You have to really think about what’s important to you and what you want out of a partner. A lot of people won’t sacrifice. You can say you want a God-centered relationship but not be in one so they try to force that idea on their partner.  And you can’t. I realized that the hard way. Let it happen organically because you can’t force it.

C: The biggest thing for me was realizing I was willing to work on our relationship because I knew Erika was willing to do the same. We were both all in this. You have to find someone you can be on a team with, and to get to the point you have to be honest with yourself.

My biggest take away from this is that faith is EVERYTHING. It’s so easy to get impatient while single or even dating but if you are seeking God first, he will align your own perfect love story. Be happy for others and be open to growth during the journey.

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