It’s Valentine’s Day, ya’ll! And I had to hit you with one last couple.

I don’t know if I love Eric and Morgan more for their Coleman Love or their ability to be so transparent.

Meeting at the University of Lafayette, these two knew that pursuing each other would be a risk they hadn’t experienced before.

He was used to being single. She was healing from the pain of heartbreak.

But somehow God merged their comfort zones into a journey of new risks, falling in love and ultimately a marriage that has been an example for so many others.

This chat with E&M was amazing because you could just feel their genuine care for each other.

But I’ll let them show you:

Take me all the way back to the beginning. How did you guys meet?

Morgan: Ummm *laughs* Eric and I knew each other of course from UL and with me being a Delta and him a Que, we were around each other a lot. But we never had conversations to get to know each other, we just knew of each other.

Eric: Right, like I’d see her in the street and give her an eye, say hey and keep it moving. That’s about it.

M: But how we really got to know each other was through Instagram. It was me. We played the liking game and finally I said ‘forget this’ and went right to his DM’s.

E: And after that I just put my charm on her and we exchanged numbers. At the time, I was in Houston and I just graduated, she was about to graduate in Louisiana. We would make trips back and forth and look…now we here.

What attracted you to each other?

E: The whole time I was in college I always said I didn’t want to be in a relationship but when me and Morgan started talking I felt like maybe I needed to let my guard down and give this a chance. When I did that it allowed me to put more feelings into her and we were talking like everyday. Plus, she was ambitious, of course beautiful and just different from a lot of the girls you see out here.

M: Because I didn’t really know Eric, I only could base him off social media. Going through his Instagram pics you always saw posts of him and his mom. He was family-oriented and that’s exactly how I am too, so that stood out. I always said I would never date a guy with a child but what really drew me to Eric was how much he posted of his daughter. I never had to question if he was active in her life. Also,it was great getting to know him because everybody on campus called him ‘Ferg’ and he was known as the player. But I got to know Eric not Ferg and it was really special. I was in one other serious relationship in college and definitely lost myself. Eric allowed me to be me and I got Morgan back.

Eric, when did you decide that it was the right time to introduce your daughter to Morgan?

E: Well I never had a set time to do it. We were together about two months in when my sister was playing with her basketball team in Houston. And I knew my parents were going to bring Aniyah to the game. At the same time, Morgan was coming in town. So I told Morgan, because this would be the first time she would meet my entire family.

M: And by that point we were realizing that this could go somewhere. But he didn’t want us to go too far deep into the relationship for me and Aniyah not to connect. He wanted to make sure that it was right.

E: I definitely agree with that. I really don’t think you should put a set time on it but if your child isn’t introduced to the person you are dating, how do you know it’s going to work out. So it was kind of like a test because I wanted to see how they would interact with each other and it ended up being perfect.

Has anything changed since your wedding day?

M: Nothing has really changed for us except my last name. It’s so exciting to be able to say that he’s my husband. Especially at our age, it’s hard to find that person that you want to spend your forever with. So when you find that, it’s like your whole world brightens.

E: But I would say that our faith has gotten stronger. I’m in nursing school and it’s been a test but it’s made us stronger as a unit.

M: Oh, for sure. We live in Oklahoma where we have no family. It’s caused us to have to depend on each other much more, and I feel like it’s been a positive. I know that God placed us in this situation for a reason.

Were you one of the first of your friends to get married?

M: Everybody thought Eric was gonna be like the last person and he became the first *laughs.* It’s crazy when you finally meet that person. It changes your whole mindset.

E: Yea, it’s 8 of us on my line and we just knew I was going to be the last one. But as I tell them, I was never looking for a companion. It really did come out of no where. I know God put us together for a reason because we’ve helped each other grow together and individually.

M: I have a lot of single friends and they always say ‘we just want an Eric.’ But I tell them that you don’t want an Eric, you want who God has created for you. And maybe you haven’t met him yet because He’s still building him to be the man for you. Don’t be in a rush to get married, because you don’t want just anybody.

Do you think that making your relationship “social media official” is a big deal?

E: It was super big for me because…

M: Because you were Player Ferg

E: *laughs* Not just that but I was known for doing my own thing. Dropping the first pic on social media is big and sets the tone for the relationship. I remember talking to my line brother before I dropped it. It almost felt like how BET did them world premiers on 106 & Park. Word spread and people kept asking me what time I was posting the picture of us haha it was crazy.

M: Meanwhile I had no idea what was going on. But I told Eric that I wasn’t going to be the first one to post our pic. I feel like when a guy makes a statement that’s when you know it’s real. I truly believe when you post a picture it sets the tone for everything.

E: To me, it ain’t real if you can’t post a pic on social media. Specifically Instagram.

(We barely made it to this Lightening round because we were laughing so much)

Lightening round. Here we go:

We always get lit when this song comes on:

E: Set It Off – Lil Boosie

Our favorite date activity is:

M: Watching movies.

This is a question people always ask us:

E: When are we going to have a baby.

This is something that college didn’t teach us:

M: How to save money

What is a misconception about marriage?

E & M: That it’s always going to be great.

M: I may not like Eric all the time but I love him with all my heart.

What I got from E&M was that the right one can awaken any heart. For ladies, we often try to force “the one” to fill this societal expectation. For the fellas, it can sometimes be hard to vulnerable. But when God finally drops that person in your lap you will never have to force it.

I hope that this week inspired you to let God write your love story as a single, someone dating/engaged or even in marriage. It will be the most fire page-turner of all time.

Keep glowing.