I don’t know about you, but I high key dread Secret Santa gifts.

It’s constant stress on my bank account and my brain but nevertheless, I know I give good gifts.

So in the same breath I simply can’t understand how some of you give utter trash  those other items around the holidays.

Like at least pretend to care. You know for a fact you wouldn’t want those bath crystals from Dollar Tree so why do you play so much?

But no worries.

I know the work holiday parties and White Elephant friend shindigs are coming. I also know how we can go overboard with spending money on gifts that will end up in the garbage. 

So I’m here to help, ya dig?

Now here is my number one tip: SET A BUDGET.

Now you knew I was going to say that.

If you’re not intentional with how much you are going to spend, your affordable Christmas shopping plan will crumble as bad as Mariah singing acapella these days. Nobody wants that.

Make a list of every person you have to buy a gift for and give them a set price. Knowing how much you are working with will help find gifts that stick in your price range. And don’t budge on that.

Now lets get to the list, which are mostly black-owned by the way:


Below are some really cool gift ideas from the coworker to the invisible bae I don’t have. Everything is under $25 and are things I think are unique yet perfect for the culture.

(Don’t be shy to get me something on this list too, knowwhaimsayin.)


Airlines Giftcard – Face it, us millennials are traveling all over these days. One of the best work gifts I’ve ever gotten was a gift card to American Airlines. It was simple yet super thoughtful considering I love to travel and have a lot of places to visit on my bucket list. Even a small amount is worth saving some bucks.

Price: $25

2018 Planner/Journal – You can never go wrong with a planner or journal for 2018. But don’t get a wack planner one that’s plain and boring. Try some of my favorites like Myleik Teele’s yearly journal that come complete with productive tips on dominating this year. Etsy is also a great place to get personalized planners.

Price: $20

Coffee Set – So coffee isn’t my thing but I realize I am the anomaly here (please, no reminders). A great idea is putting together a basket of coffee items that could include a mug, coffee (or beans or whateva ya’ll do), and a Starbucks giftcard. 

Price: Up to $25


Black Card Revoked – The company Cards For All People held it dine for the culture with this card game. This is such a fun gift to give your friends and a great excuse to bring the squad together during the holidays. The cards mimic the game Cards Against Humanity but it’s blackity black and is safe to play with your granny too.

Price: $16Christmas Gifts black owned

Throwback Gear – If you’re looking for something different, check out Kashmir.VIII’s online store. From offices pictures to clutches, I’ve seen her art everywhere. She takes key moments from black culture (there’s Martin mugs people) and creates these amazing items that have been selling everywhere. Even pillows!

black owned christmas gifts

God Is Dope – At this point, you can recognize these t-shirts from a mile away (and the copy cats too). God Is Dope started right out of Clark Atlanta and has grown into a transparent journey for millennial Christians. It’s simply design has been the conversation starter and has even been seen on Janet Jackson. They usually do a great sale around the holidays , too.

Price:  Starting at $18.99God is Dope christmas giftParents:

Blessings Jar – To this day, my mom is still obsessed with the blessing jar I got her for Christmas a couple years ago. Basically, at the beginning of the year they can track the great things that happened to them throughout the year by writing a blessing on a paper and putting it in the jar. At the end of the year, they can dump it and read all the blessings God provided during the year. It’s great, you’ll be a child favorite. I got mine at Kirkland’s for cheap (it’s sold out online) but try Barnes and Noble.

Price: Between $12.99 – $16.99

Blessings JarBae:

Girl Bae:

A Cute Welcome Mat – Girls are always looking to add cute stuff to their home or apartment. I first saw these mats on Etsy (clearly I’m on there a bit) and wanted one immediately. So these might be pricier than $25 but I still wanted to include on the list haha. 

Price: Starting at $30

The Last Black Unicorn – If you girl loves to be entertained and inspired then she needs Tiffany Haddish’s new book The Last Black Unicorn. Tiffany bust on the scene, living her best life this year but this book goes into the real hardships life dealt her before the victory. I know it’s funny and I know for a fact it’s worth it.

Price: $14.00

Boy Bae:

 Everything they never think to have in their home ever – So I was on Twitter the other day and this girl gave the greatest gift ideas for boy bae. She suggested getting things guys never think about like towels (you know they only carry like two), a small stand for their TV and play station (they usually put it on some box of sort), a trashcan in their bathroom, etc.


Kill em’ with this Tees In The Trap wrapping paper. Why yes, that is Cardi B. 
Price: $15
I will definitely continue to add to this list but tell me, what christmas gifts have you given that people loved?