Everybody can have discipline when they want to. In fact, I believe that we all have the ability to go hard and commit when we really desire something. I think back to my obsession about being apart of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. This was always a dream. I showed up to every event held on campus. I joined their pageant just to know them better. I even secretly learned their stroll and pranced around my house like I was already the newest member in the wake it up crew. I wanted to be a Delta BAD.

When I was chosen to become an initiate, things got even crazier. I never got sleep and learned a ton of knowledge in a short amount of time, while still making it to every class. It was tiring. But nothing was going to stop me from being a Delta and I stayed committed until I finally got to wear crimson and cream. It was the first time I had ever been that hungry for success before and I was so proud of accomplishing it.

Discipline after college

I began to think. What would life actually be like if I treated it like that Delta process? Think back to something you really wanted. What kept you focused on the goal when distractions came? What self talk did you use to stay encouraged? Who did you talk to?

The journey of accomplishing that goal is no different than now. Getting all you want out of life is going to require serious discipline. You’re going to have to be a bit crazy, lose a little sleep and do things that will set you a part from the world.

There is something powerful about deciding to live an intentional life.

It changes the way you live and helps to inspire others to follow your footsteps. There are three areas that you have to focus on to get to the next level and it includes:

Dealing with your mental blocks

Honoring your why

Creating a system

When I pursued Delta I left behind anything that was going to get in my way. This is the base of discipline. Today, I want to help you be the Beyonce of your career. The Oprah of your dreams. It’s already inside of you. It’s inside of me too. We just have to stick together and focus on what matters most.

I created a 3-day discipline challenge to help get our lazy butts up and become motivated to kill it.

If you are struggling with getting to that next level because of discipline, then this is for you. If you know you can do better, heyy girl hey…this is for you. If you feel it’s time to leave the crap behind and finally get in formation then come quick because we are about to set it off.

Beyonce formation discipline

Sign up below for the challenge and we start on WEDNESDAY. Let’s do this. #letsglow