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Dear Graduate: A Message From The Real World

Dear Graduate: A Message From The Real World

You’re done! Get ready for rainbows and sunshine, job offers on deck, pure bliss, your own penthouse and a new Mercedes. Okay, clearly I’m lying. Get ready for the most mentally challenging time of your life.

I wish someone would have told me how hard transitioning into adult life is. I still fully haven’t adjusted but there are so many lessons I’ve learned. BUT instead of telling my stories today I decided to ask a few friends to help me out. Below are four very different but amazing post-grads who have been through the highest ups and lowest downs. I asked them what they would say to new graduates or anyone trying to transition. Here’s their advice:

Dear Graduate,

There WILL Be Setbacks 


“As much as college is about finding yourself, life AFTER college shows you who you really are and what you can handle. After 6 months at my first job in Las Vegas, that dream was taken away and I thought the city might not be for me. I was stuck on the other side of the country alone, with only my passion for PR and determination. But I brushed my shoulders off, kept the same mindset, and hit the ground running to luckily end up where I am today — as a PR Specialist with Preferred Public Relations (still in Las Vegas). Not only have I grown as a woman and as a PR professional, I’ve really tapped into my working potential and have accomplished things I never thought possible. YOU are in control of YOUR outcome.”Emma Williams, Public Relations, Las Vegas, NV

A Job Might Take Awhile


“Your first job might not look like what you expected. The struggle is definitely apart of your story so embrace it, learn from it and appreciate it. One big thing I faced was not finding a job right after graduation and it left me questioning myself. Did I not do enough on my resume? Was it even good enough for the people I was interviewing with? What if they don’t like me? While that might be the case for some, I think the wait is more so God preparing you for the perfect position for you.” Carissa Kelley, Health Advertising, Austin, TX

Create Your Own Lane


“The best advice I could give a recent graduate is blaze your own path and don’t let anyone deter you from reaching your dreams.”Aryele Bradford, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

NEVER Compare Your Journey To Others


“It is easy to play the game of comparison when you get out. Some of you are wondering what is the next step. Some of you know where you are going. There are some of you that think they should be at a certain season by a certain time and etc. The reality is that comparison is just as toxic out of college as it was in college.  Just know who you are and know that what God has for you is going to come to pass.  The only timeline that matters is the one that you make for yourself.  Identity, discipline, wisdom and vision are crucial as you embark on this new journey into the world. Beware that the society can make you doubt your identify, waver your discipline, confuse your wisdom and cloud your vision…. don’t let it.  Stay strong in these and more.” – Ken Nwankwo, Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, TX

So there you have it. Adulting is never easy but it’s definitely a journey worth experiencing and growing from. Even if you aren’t where you want to be keep striving to be your best and you will conquer the world. YOU GOT THIS.


Alaina Nicole