I will never forget the first semester after I graduated college.  It was the first day back to school and it had officially hit me that I wasn’t going back. So I sat in my quiet apartment on Twitter and refreshed my timeline every ten seconds to see tweets like:

“Last year of my college career!”


“Make sure you attend our new meeting and meet the officers!”


“I saw this fineee young man on the bus to school today”

rolls eyes…*refresh*

I had created a torture chamber with the simple scroll of my thumb. I couldn’t understand where these feelings were coming from. I was so happy to graduate and to be on my own but without a job and a life plan, I immediately missed the life I had in college. I couldn’t handle seeing my friends be a part of something that I was now an outsider to. So I cried. I cried A LOT.

crying miss college

From being a star student, talented athlete or even head of an organization, leaving your college life behind can have you feeling purposeless. I felt like a pyscho for missing school and not appreciating this newfound freedom. But eventually I realized that no matter how we feel we have to release the pressure to have everything figured out. We won’t.

I didn’t realize it that day in my apartment but this was the opportunity to love myself and grow without the influence of my college surroundings. Bravely walking into a new life can scare the heck out of you but here are 4 amazing reasons to remind you why it’s worth it.

You get a chance to love yourself in a new way

Before graduation, my identity was very much wrapped around the grades I made, classes I took and organizations I represented. My days were filled with so many activities that I crashed and burned when I graduated. I didn’t know what it was like to completely be alone and listen to my heart vs. what others wanted me to be. I didn’t know who I was without those material things. The sudden quietness of post-grad life allowed me to think about who I wanted to be and evaluate the steps I needed to get there. Take this time to find out new things about yourself. Try a new class or attend an event in your area of interest. You’re going to shock yourself. Learning who you are in this new season will build your love for yourself in new ways.

love yourself

You learn the very difficult task of patience

I hate waiting. I won’t even let the microwave get to one second before I pull out my food because I’m that impatient. But I had to learn the difficult lesson that unlike college, things just won’t happen exactly when I want them to. I’m so grateful for the uncertainty because it pushed me to trust God. It pushed me to see that I was worth the best opportunity for my future and not settle for mediocre opportunities. It pushed me to deal with my crybaby emotions of not getting things my way and releasing the need to control every step of my life. Let these withdrawals grow you closer to what you really want out of life.

relax after college

You discover the roles people should play in your life

Post-grad really puts friendships and relationships to the test. Oftentimes we have built these faulty foundations with people based on meaningless things like parties and petty drama. When all of that disappears after college (well the pettiness may still be in full effect), you are left with the scary reality of who people really are. Our ability to rid ourselves of toxic relationships will clear our path to identify people who want the same success, can challenge us and genuinely want us to win.

leave toxic friends

You have the ability to create the life you want

We play so small because our surroundings don’t show who we are already destined to be. You have to create that vision and believe that it will come to pass no matter what life is throwing at it now. Most times we don’t get a preview to the movies of our life. It’s up to you to trust yourself and God that you deserve to be successful and you will do whatever it takes to see it come to pass. I held on to the belief that my best moments were now gone but that’s a lie. Don’t waste time sulking over the past and feeling like you are missing out on college. You have every opportunity to keep creating amazing moments after graduation.

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People always say that college is the best years of your life. While I would never trade my college experience I believe that we still have so much left to create and discover. Don’t get stuck in who you were and what you did during that time. There is so much more in you that you haven’t even discovered yet. You are DOPE. You are powerful. You got this.

#keepglowing…and close Twitter

Alaina <3