What do you do when people doubt you? Stunt on ’em. At least that’s what Karrueche Tran did yesterday. You know her right? A nobody. Chris Brown’s ex. The girl famous for her looks and oh yea – a two-time Daytime Emmy award winner.

Like most people I have followed her relationship with Chris and how the media tore her apart. She was criticized, laughed at and doubted in pretty much every area of her life including her career. So many people talked down on how she would never be anything without her high profile relationship including her ex. Remember this post from March?


Petty Crocker Chris.

But yesterday Tran got the last laugh as she pranced out the Emmy’s with an award for her role in The Bay for Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series. Not a certificate for participation. An EMMY.

I really loved this because it showed me three lessons in perseverance that I know we can all use in our lives:

  1. Surround yourself with the right people – I believe that Karrueche’s career has soared since she has distanced herself from Chris and whoever else had a negative impact in her life. You never really know how much a negative person rubs off on you until you finally cut ties with them. If you want to persevere toward your dreams then that may mean leaving some people in the process. Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you.
  2. You may be the only person rooting for you and that’s okay – Even with Karrueche’s entire life on display for laughs she never stopped believing in herself. She continued to live in her truth and go for her biggest goals whether she was criticized or not. Has someone told you that you would never make it? That you have a dumb idea and need to settle? Some people may not understand your goals or vision because of their closed minds but as long as you believe in yourself there is no way you can lose.
  3. Whatever you do, DON’T QUIT – I think that we are so used to getting our way and in our own timing. When things don’t seem to work out the way we want we give up and quit on our goals and never actually achieve anything. In this situation, Karrueche has been working nonstop. Between acting, modeling and her new lipstick launch at Colourpop she has shown that if you have a vision and stick to it then it breeds nothing but success.


(Working on her Colourpop shade, Kae)

KARRUECHE BETTER WERK. I’m also celebrating myself for spelling Karrueche correctly at least 6 times in this post. I’ve often heard that if you don’t have haters then you must not be doing something right so no matter who talks down or doubt you never stop believing in your gifts and your dreams. Let the world watch as you come to KILL THAT ISH. You got this.

Congrats Karr…okay I can’t type it again, my brain hurts. Congrats girl!


Alaina Nicole