Hi, yea so I’m just going to cut to the chase. We’re young (and if you’re not, don’t leave. This for you too!). We’re struggling. Sallie Mae is pimping us. And it’s left many people feeling like after ALL that work they put in to get their degree or job, that there’s a set rule that we have to stay in the same place forever.

Too late to start over


Is this you?

Do you feel high-key embarrassed about where you are in your journey? Did you think you would be much further and more successful than you currently are now?

Do you just plain hate your career? (Let’s be honest here)

You’re not alone. In fact, 80% of people aren’t happy with their jobs. That’s A LOT.

And the truth is, many of us fear that it’s too late to try again. Finding something you love to do or trying to put yourself out there in a foreign experience is an overwhelming feeling.

But it’s killing you from the inside. Your legacy is slowly fading away every day you decide to settle for “it is what it is” vs. “It’s possible to live a full life.”

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And umm…Who told you there was an age limit in dream chasing?

Greatness takes time and on that journey, it may require some change. For example:

  • Oscar-nominated QWUEEN Ava DuVernay didn’t pick up a camera until she was 33 years old. Let me repeat –  she didn’t even PICK UP a camera until ten years ago. No film school. She was a publicist before.
  • J.K Rowling was homeless before she started to see success with Harry Potter at 32. Homegirl didn’t even have a job to change from.
  • Rapper Tyler the Creator worked at a Starbucks for two years before jumping into music around 19.
  • Ken Jeong (From The Hangover series) was a legit doctor before he quit to purse acting full time at 37 years old. If that isn’t a jump, I don’t know what is.
  • Vera Wang was a figure skater turned Vogue editor before pursing her passion for design at 40.
  • Martha Stewart was a stockbroker before discovering her love for design. She designed her first cookbook in her 30s and the rest was history.

You want to know what this people did differently? They started.

Contrary to popular belief, being happy is important

There is an urgency to be successful but not an urgency to find out what makes us happy. We get so frustrated trying to be what sounds good on paper, only to realize that it’s not even what we enjoy.

You should be pressed about your happiness. You should be fighting to honor your authentic self. And every day you go to a job you despise, you rob yourself of that.

Now there is a formula to this. Just like switching a major or switching lanes on a highway (unless you’re a road rage maniac. I ain’t judging though), you have to analyze the next move and make sure there is nothing getting in the way.

You can start preparing for a change by doing this:

Explore Your Passions

We often think that starting over means jumping into something right away but it can often mean just dabbling into what you love to do. Using Martha Stewart as an example again, she starting making cookbooks and refurnishing houses as something fun that eventually turned into an empire. Pick things you love doing and see what desire grows from there. Ideas could include –

  • Starting a website, documenting something you love to do
  • Creating an IG page of something you’re interested in
  • Taking up photography
  • Taking a new class
  • Attending an event in your area

Want to know yourself a little deeper? Take this personality test that will show you areas that you may want to explore.

Set a Deadline

I know that when I’m just talking without any real intention on acting, there is never a deadline attached to my “goal.” If you really want to be intentional about conquering your fears of the job switch, set a goal date and prepare like a maniac. Read books to sharpen your skills. Go back to school to get more credibility. And put the date somewhere you can see it as a constant reminder like your mirror or fridge. When you constantly have that date in mind it will push you to keep going during the times the mountain seems way too big to climb.

Take One Small Step Not a Big Leap 

There are so many stories I read where people just chunk deuce to their jobs one day and its created this image that everyone has to do that. ISSA LIE.

Easing into a new profession can help you get some experience as well as show you if it’s actually something you want to do. Ways to do this can include finding a part time job you can work on nights or weekends, volunteering at events the industry may host or even reaching out to people to potentially find a mentor.

Give Yourself a Brand Makeover

Believe it or not, you are a walking brand. What you believe of yourself is what will show and trust that people will take notice. If you have thought about taking a leap into owning your own business, working for your dream company or more, then you have to act like you deserve to have it.

Clean up your social media profiles. Your dog, that tree and the homie down the block are nice but does it show who you are and where you are trying to go? Begin to create pages that will stand out to potential customers or employers with depicting who you are, your work and what you believe in.

Accept That People Will Judge You

A huge block that causes us not to step into what makes us happy is the fear of what other people will whisper behind our back. LET THEM.

*for the people in the back* LETTTT THEMMMM.

They don’t pay your bills or make you so giddy inside that you want to dance just thinking about your life. People are going to talk. People may even call you weird or crazy. But you have to chase to be different and do things that most people won’t even attempt to do. Accept that there will be finger-pointing but those same people will be the ones who turn into your “I went to 2nd grade with him/her” person.

Let’s turn the doubters into your biggest fans, shall we?

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There is no such thing as job security, folks. The job you feel stuck at could go out of business, fire you or hire someone to a position you feel like you deserve – forcing you to start over anyway. Life is so much greater when we see what it’s actually talkin about. Don’t you think it’s time for you to try?

If you’re down to finally jump, tell me below! Make sure to stay connected by signing up for my emails. I have been working on some amazing stuff to send to the crew.

You got this, we got this.

Alaina <3