On Saturday, the world came together to forgive Nicki Minaj for that spoiled beef between her and Remy Ma earlier this year. It smelled so bad.  Nicki’s comeback, not the beef. We liked the beef.  Quite frankly, I have been skeptical about Nicki after that diss. She didn’t seem to be the Old “Itty Bitty Piggy” Nicki we fell in love with in our high school days. But this weekend she took to Twitter to do the unthinkable…pay people’s student loans.

Wait, WHET?

It’s true. Thousands of struggling college students tweeted Nicki after she offered to help with one fan’s tuition and she actually picked about a dozen others to bless.

Nicki Minaj student tuition tweet

Nicki Minaj student loans


As I sat in awe, watching her respond to tweets one by one, it confirmed one thing for me:

You can’t do stuff like this when you’re broke.

I know that there is such a taboo when it comes to money. If we have too little we should be ashamed. If we have a lot then we are braggy and self-righteous.

But watching Nicki pay off thousands of dollars of student loans and tuitions showed me two things:

Money Creates The Opportunity To Serve

We are naturally caring creatures. From giving our mom a Christmas gift we spent all week looking for to surprising a friend on their birthday, the need to create joy for other people is something most of us share (Accept murderers. They may not be on one accord with this). But often it is very difficult to do this when we have a bajillion bills to pay and a job we literally despise. Watching how excited Nicki’s fans got showed me that we should want to be in a position that we are able to help others. And we often can’t do that if we are broke as hell.

Money Eliminates Greed

This may seem contradictory so hear me out. When we think of greed we always think of the rich but having no money creates the greediest people around. Nicki Minaj was so willing to give her money to others because she knew that more was coming. The problem is that when you have no money and are living on a small paycheck, it’s hard to give the little you have away. Furthermore, it’s even harder to believe that anything else is coming besides that petty paycheck you receive from the job you rant about to your friends. As I begin to learn how the rich think I see that the more freely they give the more they know that money will always find it’s way back to their wallet.

I don’t know about you but Nicki really inspired me to knock out this debt so that I can create a life to be able to help others up.

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You don’t have to be a millionaire rap queen to bless people in unexplainable ways. In fact, money shouldn’t stop you from generously pouring into people the best way you can. But it for sure can create ways to do that frequently and more abundantly. Wouldn’t we all want that?

Slay Nicki girl, slay.

Nicki Minaj Student Loans



CHALLENGE: Think of a large amount of money that you would love to obtain. It could be $85,000 or $500. This week I want you practice saying:

I deserve to live a life that allows me to be a huge blessing to others. I am capable to receive _________ (money amount). 

How does saying it make you feel? Weird? Let me know below!