My Journey To Debt-Freedom





No one deliberately chooses to be raggedy after college. In fact, when I touched down in my adult freedom in 2013, I knew I had the game sewed up. Little did I know that my degree in public relations wasn’t my red carpet invitation into the successful life I had pictured for myself. Living back home on an air mattress in my mother’s apartment, I was working at a daycare, extremely insecure, doubtful, anxious and $86,411.27 in debt. 

Even after I finally landed my first job and moved to Las Vegas, I felt like a prisoner.

I was ashamed to admit that this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle was my reality. Too embarrassed to remember the many times I ran to the mall to try and buy confidence. Too prideful to talk about how my family had been struggling to stay afloat for years and couldn’t help me. Too oblivious to realize that I was chasing a lifestyle to impress people who didn’t even know the real me.

But after a major breakdown in my car about my family and bills in 2016, I decided this was for the birds. I wanted to live in freedom and not run from a bill collector or avoid checking my balance. I wanted to create room to go all in with my passions and give back abundantly to others.

I. Wanted. That. Shmoney.

My glow up started in the car that day with snot in my nose and desperation in my heart. As I’ve succeeded to eliminate my first big goal by slashing $7K of credit card debt, I wanted to create a place to inspire others. Money doesn’t have to be boring and my goal is to show you a fun way to conquer that ish.

The Glow Up’s mission is to bring lit millennials together to help upgrade their life by breaking bad money habits and choosing to live big. And if you have any ounce in your heart to see what you are made of, I hope that you hop on this money train too.

You ready?