Our Mission

In a world of fake IG happiness (yea we said it), GlowSZN aims to transition post-grads off the struggle bus and into the freedom of living an authentic and impactful life.

With faith as our foundation, we learn and share new ways to overcome personal obstacles that get in the way of our dreams. I guess it helps that there’s a lit community to go with that, too.

No matter if you’re fresh out of college or an unfulfilled employee that’s been in the game, GlowSZN provides a clear way to turn your someday goals into right now glow ups. It’s your SZN.


What it is yo, what’s up?

I’m Alaina. I talk in GIFS. I milly rock to everything, including like…Michael Jackson. I rocked a mean boot with the fur back in the day. And I’m here to help inspire your journey as a thug in these post-grad streets.

You hear a lot about “your season this, your season that” but somehow after college I didn’t think I would EVA enter my glow up season. That is until I realized God needed me to step up and step into it.

GlowSZN is a chance for me to share my forever journey but to also help you realize that you were created for so much more. GlowSZN is for the person who knows they need better friends. Who wants to stop saying “there’s got to be more than this.” The one who doesn’t quite fit in. For the one who needs more money, more goals and even more Jesus in their life. Oh, and of course the one who can get in position when the Swag Surf intro drops.

It’s time to stop waiting for your season because I KNOW your SZN is now. I’m sooo glad you’re here.

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