Admit it already.

For the most part, college was “the best four years of your life” like they said it would be.

You got to be around all your friends constantly, turned up at Greek parties and took hella NAPS. Matter of fact, I would go back to college just for the midday naps, do ya hear me?

You didn’t realize how great you had it back then.

But in the last semester of undergrad, you rushed that ish like Chris Brown making another mediocre album. Just wanted it to be done.

Your mindset wasn’t ready for the real world. Neither were your pockets.

And although you have tried to man up in this adulting life, there are just some crazy bad habits you never let go of when you graduated.

I know you’re struggling fam, but the good news is that you don’t have to any longer.

The Reason You Absolutely Must Break Up With Bad Habits

What if I told you that if you got rid of these habits, you would bust down the door of mediocrity and into an incredible, joyful life?

Well you can, you know.

The key to becoming happier isn’t more money, but more growth.

The key to becoming happier isn't more money, but more growth. Click To Tweet

At my desk I have two plants that I received as gifts. One is a small cactus in a cute little shoe and the other is a tiny ficus plant I stole from a wedding I worked once. (I only took one, ya’ll).

When I received the cactus, I didn’t water it for months and caused it to turn brown and die. Seeing the damage I did to that cactus, I vowed to take care of  my little ficus tree. With very low maintenance, that plant surprised me as it stretched it’s branches far beyond the pot I received it in.

God has given you incredible significance and power. Making you exactly in his image, you could do DAMAGE if you truly nurtured what was inside of you.

bad habits money

But like ignoring that cactus, you’ve formed some bad habits along the way that are keeping your dreams dead. Your goals are making no progress. You’re unfulfilled and living miserably average.

If only you let go of what was comfortable.

If only you watered your life so that it could grow beyond the small thinking pot you are operating out of.

I need you to see that mastering money isn’t about the mula at all. It’s about believing in your personal worth to this world.

And it just so happens that these five habits are getting in the way of that.

5 Money Habits Keeping You Stuck, Broke and Left Behind

How many of these habits are you guilty of?

#1. Balling Out With Your Entire Check

Every semester you slept by your phone, waiting for that refund check to hit your account. And like a real boss should, you used every drop of it (well, nvm real bosses shouldn’t do that). Maybe 6% went to books and something responsible but the rest went completely to the alcohol you could display on top of the fridge, shopping sprees and travel trips.

Unfortunately, this is what got you in debt and you are still trying to be about that life.

Each time your paycheck hits your account you use it up, crawling to the next payday. You’re like a contestant in a hot dog contest that stuffs food down his throat before the timer goes off.  Just rushing to use it all up.

But not understanding where your money is going is keeping you in chains. Look at your accounts frequently. Make a budget and review it at least once a week. Start to create a game plan that includes having money left over.

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#2. Constant Company In Your Space

I love hosting a good kick back or movie night. In fact, in college it seemed like someone was always over the house just chilling. But as I got more serious about my desires to live an excellent life, I realized that constantly filling my schedule with other people was keeping  me from focusing on my own goals.

I tend to relax on money when I’m around a bunch of people, so cutting back on how much time I give has tremendously changed my focus.

Bad money habits

Start being picky with your time (especially with those who bring no value to you). It’s NOT selfish. This will not only save money but will allow you the space to grow into who you want to be without too many distractions or opinions.

#3. Your Drift Into the ‘I Don’t Feel Like It’ Syndrome

Your emotions are running your life.

The difference between many

of us and most long-term millionaires is that they work when they don’t feel like it. And we sit watching Netflix.

In college, it was like pulling teeth to get me to do the things I didn’t feel like doing. I looked at it as torture but now I see it as discipline.

Your goals with money and with life aren’t going to appear if you work when you feel like it.

Lately, I’ve been doing this 5-Second rule countdown by life coach Mel Robbins, to help change my state when I feel the laziness creep in. Watch this video of her explaining the power of 5 seconds and try to use it when your next emotional episode comes:

#4. Giving Up Before You Reach the Finish Line

The truth is that giving up is due to a lack of confidence in the task you are committing to. You secretly say things like:

“It’s too much work,” and “It won’t happened anyway” to justify your reasons for choosing to be average.

In college, I gave up on a lot of opportunities because they got too hard. Are you focusing on what you think you can’t accomplish rather than the life-changing experiences you will feel once you get your ish together?

I learned a term called the Competent/Confidence loop that helps with this.

Most times, we have so much doubt and fear because we simply don’t know how to be successful at it. Like how can I be a millionaire if I don’t understand budgets and investments? So we abandon action.

The loop occurs when you seek to become skilled in the task you’re afraid of. As I took classes, read books and practiced budgeting I got really good at it and my confidence grew. As a result, I wanted to learn even more (that’s the loop).


Stare at the thing you’re afraid to start and begin learning all about it. Next, take action. As you grow stronger in your talents and ideas you will seek to learn even more.

#5. Your Commitment to Fast Food

Living on campus was amazeballs. But it gave me a firsthand seat to Diabetes Ln. with Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Panda Express and more. My meal plan was clutch through every starving night after studying. Not even thinking about costs, I swiped my card to indulge in fatty meal after fatty meal.

Unfortunately, those swipes transferred over to my actual debit/credit cards too. I was so used to running to get something fast when I didn’t feel like cooking. I spent most of my money eating out.

Go. To. The. Store.

bad habits money

Studies show that we (millennials) spend almost $3,000 a year on fast food alone. ALONE. Not bringing your lunch to work and the constant happy hours are hurting our pockets in the worst way.

To avoid this, I spent an afternoon rounding up all the recipes that got me excited to cook. When you look forward to whipping it in the kitchen, it makes it easier to go shopping and get the meals in formation. Here are some of ideas I’m about to try:

Skillet Roasted Chicken

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Noodles with Almond Sauce


The best day to shop is actually Saturday so that you can spend Sunday preparing your meals for the week. 

Stop Avoiding the Painful Moments

By always having someone over or a meeting to rush to, it didn’t leave me much time to deal with the painful moments in my life. In college, I learned to avoid the truth behind why I ran to shopping or eating to fill my empty spaces.

Ignoring the reason why you make bad choices will keep you in the same hamster wheel of mistakes.

I know money is frustrating but bad habits are costing you way more than your late fees.

Your thinking will lead you to two very real outcomes:

  1. You will stay stuck in a life that is comfortable, meaningless and unfulfilling
  2. You will thrive in a life that is challenging, laced with miracles, peace and transformation

The bottom line is that God is waiting for you to put your foot on the gas pedal so he can steer you straight to your destiny. I know you just want to have fun. I know you miss the easy days of college. But life is so much bigger than those four years of your life.

Don’t you think it’s worth it to find out?