A long time ago my friend was really obsessed with Taylor Swift and invited me to her concert in Dallas. When we arrived to the large arena we quickly bought T-shirts, got our snacks and hurried to our floor seats. I had never sat on the floor of an arena so I clearly thought I was Jim Jones. We get comfortable and take selfies, only to suddenly realize that we are surrounded by screaming little girls. I immediately get uncomfortable. Maybe we aren’t supposed to be here because we’re older. I don’t think I can enjoy the show with a bunch of baby Swifts running around. But then I realized that these were only excuses and insecurities that were inspired by not fitting in. I imagine that some of these same thoughts crossed the mind of 41-year-old Oksana Chusovitina, who competed as the oldest female gymnast in Olympic history this year. (I feel you girl, I feel you)

Representing Uzbekistan (I can see this is in a rap song or something. “Took my girl to Uzbekistan. *milly rocks* Yea you know that I’m the man), Oksana is beasting in gymnastic competitions against girls who are two times younger than her. Out of hundreds of  competitors she placed 5th in vault this year against super humans like Simone Biles.

“I think when someone has a purpose and is determined, then anything is possible” she told the BBC. “I only have one dream and it is to win a medal for my home.”

Werk Olympian excuses

Even at her age, she eliminates excuses and pushes herself to see what she is made of. So my question to you is…what’s your excuse? What are you REALLY made of? Oftentimes we find reasons why we can’t do something. We see others and may think they are better, quicker and smarter than us. We even may think that we are too old to accomplish dreams we once had.

*whispers* It’s a lie.

I love the story of Oksana because every day she is reminded of her age. Not just through big competitions like the Olympics but even through training with girls who are younger than her son. She has to workout and train ten times as hard to keep up because of how her body is changing. But regardless, her focus and passion for the sport are so strong that no insecurity will stop her from going for it. Maybe that’s why she has been competing in every Olympic game since 1992…when I was one.

Fight through your insecurities

There is always going to be someone who you think has an advantage over you. This could be graduating from an ivy league while you only went to community college or auditioning to be a model when you aren’t as tall as the others. Insecurities are only there to hold us back from who we are meant to be. If you let those little lies rule the way you live life, then you will never learn to live at all. Fight to live with passion and purpose so that you will come out with the gold.

A gold mindset.

A gold work ethic.

A gold accomplishment.

Don’t let excuses stop you from living your dreams. If Oksana can push through hot flashes for her dream, you can SO push through yours too. Your dreams, not hot flashes. Unless you are getting those.

We love to self-sabotage ourselves because we base our opinions off the world and not who God says we are. You are strong and can do anything you put your mind to. Throw the excuses away and get to work. Somebody is depending on it.


P.S. LOOK at how dope Uzbekistan looks. I would love to go over there but ISIS’ terrorist game too strong.

Uzbekistan Olympics