In my freshman year of college  I was heavily influenced by my mass communication’s teacher Mrs. Fluker. From the very moment she bounced in the room, she commanded the attention. I wanted that confidence. I NEEDED that confidence. Hanging to her every word, I hoped it would unlock the secret to becoming a hustler like Oprah or work, work, working like Rihanna (who KILLED it at the VMA’s last night). One day as she was giving her entertaining lecture, she finally uttered the secret: “Ladies and gentleman, successful people read and if you want to be successful then you must  do the same.”

Wait what? THAT’S what I was waiting for? I could barely sit in this class, let alone sit to read a book. I actually used to love to read but down the road society told us that it wasn’t cool. So I stopped. It would take years of getting fired, moving to Las Vegas and trying to organize my chaotic life that I remembered the words my wise teacher spoke that day. So I picked up a book and enrolled in Get Your Life University.

When I look at the work ethic of artists like at the VMA’s, I know that I must gain the mentality and wisdom to put in the work they do on a daily. Reading has helped me discover that type of focus (although I don’t implement it sometimes). No matter if you want to start a business or transform into a leader at your job, here are 3 books that take you from thinking average to a true female version of a hustler.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Side effects: Empowerment, some Bad Gal Rih Rih dutty wines and sporadic hits of “how the heck does she know me?”

If you are looking for a book to break a negative mindset and get you all the way together then this is the book for you. It was the perfect book to read when I finally decided to get focused on my goals in life. It’s so easy to become distracted by the world around us and the author helps you to stop and appreciate your life while giving practical steps to push forward. From bad self-talk to our horrible relationship with money, this book addresses all the areas you need to create an effective life after college and feel on top of the world like

rihanna vmas 2016

Image Source: PopSugar

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Side effects: Superwoman powers, hair flips and an occasional motivation to watch the Shondaland collection

What happens when you are actually scared of success? This is a obstacle that Shonda had to face after “making it” in the entertainment industry. This book unpacks how she learned to live life in the moment, face the things that scare her and put herself first. If you have started in your hustle but need some encouragement along the way then this is book is a must to keep you going. After the read you will be walking into your destiny like

Image Source: MTV

Image Source: MTV

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

Side effects: Entrepreneurship, embracement of hotmessness, #hastags on everything

#Girlboss is the memoir of NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso who turned selling clothes on Ebay into one of the biggest online retail empires ever. I love Sophia’s story because she is very transparent about not being the ideal success story. Very lost and uninspired, her business started as an outlet for her to keep her head above water. She reveals her secrets to hustling and choosing yourself without apologies. If you have been holding back because of your past or what someone told you to bring you down, read this.

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Nowdays I read to grow. I read to be wiser and inspired to keep going during the days I want to say forget it. You were created to achieve big things, too. You can master the slayage and these books will jump start you on that journey. Being a hustler is hard but living a life you hate is worse. You got this.

Do you have more book recommendations? Drop the titles below!


Alaina <3