Last night while I was doing some research on millennials I came across these excruciating titles:

“Millennials, – The Me, Me, Me Generation”

“Millennials are actually the least entrepreneurial generation”

“Young Millennials are the worst behaved drivers”

“Tired Of Millennials’ Participation Trophy Culture? Blame Identity Politics”

Why are these old people so pressed?

It really frustrated me because our generation is already having a very hard time finding jobs in their field, overcoming loan debt, moving out on our own, remaining confident, choosing the right relationships, remembering to get our oil changed and NOT LOSING OUR MARBLES.

It’s a millennial bash fest on the internet and I’m tired.

Now I will agree that many of us are struggling with patience and clarity in our 20s. Acknowledging this struggle is by no means a pass to be average. But we have definitely let the wait for our goals discourage us from giving our best and pushing past the pain. This has single-handedly been my biggest struggle as a millennial post-grad. Adulting has often left me frustrated, doubtful, stressed and anxious beyond compare.

But to constantly call us narcissistic and lazy when we are the most world changing generation is beyond me.

Millennials gave you platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your hating, trash articles on. Ya’ll NEED us and knowing my worth to this world does not make me entitled.

*Whoosah. Calming down*

Fam, you’re amazing. A little impatient sometimes, but dope AF. And with all the personal and professional obstacles we have to climb I wanted to take the time to remind you that you’re doing just fine.

Our 20s are about figuring it out, not having it all together. Give yourself room to make mistakes, challenge yourself, overcome hardships and love yourself harder then you ever have.

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Below is a list of reasons why you are doing better than you think. You may have three of these, you may have all 12 but just know that if you have at least one (which I know you do) you have the tools to truly live the life you desire.


  1. You have a roof over your head
    • Praise break for sturdy roofs. Many of us are still living with our parents and that makes us uncomfortable. Don’t be ashamed of that. What a blessing it is to have a safe place to make mistakes and get your life together. Put your pride to the side and take the flexibility while also learning from your family. You are being prepared to dominate your lane and once God gives you the green light, ain’t no turning back bih. And for those who live on your own…do I even need to explain why you are the truth?
  2. You have ambition (Working toward a clear goal)
    • Oftentimes we get so caught up on “the other side” of success.  But the gag is, you’re always going to be fighting for more. YOU SHOULD be fighting for more. If you have a dream and are working toward it then you are winning. Never stop believing in those little desires that tug at your heart to be better.
  3. You have the ability to pay your bills
    • I will never forget the day our lights got shut off. Growing up I had never experienced real hardships that I can remember so this was a very humbling experience for me. Not everyone is able to pay one bill, let alone all of them. If you paid your bills (even late) then declare and believe that you will receive financial freedom one day. A book that has transformed the way I manage money is Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.
  4. You have friends that motivate you
    • Nothing is worse than walking this road alone. If you have at least one friend that speaks life into you and keeps you accountable, you are doing great. There are so many people wasting time with superficial friendships that keep us distracted and won’t help us grow. Keep the real ones close to you and make sure they know how much you appreciate them.
  5. You have overcome setbacks
    • You remember that situation you thought you would never get through? The breakup. The death. The job loss. Sickness. You made it. Can I get a hand clap? *Hurricane Chris-like* When we are so focused on where we want to go we can forget where we have been and what we achieved. Things that came to break you made you stronger. It’s now part of this amazing testimony you are living. Go look in the mirror. You are holding the strength of somebody that has a destiny. Be proud of that.
  6. You have a well earned degree
    • With all this money we have given to Sallie Mae we better be proud of this degree out here. No matter what people say, getting a college education is extraordinary. You fought through the hardships of balancing classes while trying to understand yourself and you dominated the heck out of it. Even if life is not aligned with where you thought you would be when you graduated, don’t take for granted the experience college gave you. You know how to push through and achieve something big. We lit. We educated.
  7. You have a supportive family
    • Big ups for families who support us. Now this doesn’t mean they agree with every decision we make but that their love for us surpasses any mistake or choice. I can run off to Canada and elope and know that my mom will love me through her disgust haha. Not everyone has that support and it’s something we can take for granted. If you have a family who will never give up on you then relax and appreciate them. Even if you don’t, know that family doesn’t always mean your bloodline. Continue to seek valuable relationships that will pour into you like family should.
  8. You haven’t quit
    • If you are reading this blog post then there is something inside of you that wants more. You have had many rough days (I know ALL about those days) but here you are giving yourself another chance to see what you can do. Never underestimate the fight that’s in you. It may simply be getting out of bed and brushing your teeth but keep pushing toward what you deserve and I promise it will come to pass.
  9. You’re not the same person you were a year ago.
    • Thank GOD that I am not the same person I was a year ago. When I look back on my old journals I can see someone who is continuing to grow. Now there are still many areas that I have yet to overcome (procrastination and tardiness being two big ones) but I’m making progress. Think back to exactly a year ago. Has your mindset shifted? Have you dropped people you used to adore? Has your style changed? Gotten closer to God? Really sit and think about the last year (even if it was a hot mess) and see how much you learned. You are getting wiser everyday.
  10. You seek new experiences
    • We are a traveling, try-it-out generation. Every year you are pushing yourself to try new things like traveling internationally or painting with a twist. These experiences are helping us to get out of our comfort zone and become more well-rounded. For me, I plan to attend at least one conference by myself in 2017. Seeking things that aren’t familiar are great for personal growth. Write out that bucket list (I always recommend at least 100) and dream big.
  11. You are employed
    • I struggled with this for a long time because while I was employed (at a day care center) after college it wasn’t my dream job. Or even a job in my field. I quickly began to shift my mindset because I knew that I was being humbled. I learned that I had to fight for what I wanted and working at this daycare was part of that fight. From the job of your dreams to working at Walmart, know that these opportunities are always pit stops for greater. Keep pushing.
  12. God will come through. Always.


See I told you that you were doing fine. How many of these could you check off your list? List the confirmations  below! And sign-up for my weekly emails below too. I have some cool stuff I’m working to send you.

You got this. We got this.

Alaina <3